Dolce & Gabbana “Ciao Kim”

For the SS23 collection curated by Kim Kardashian, models showcased a range of nostalgic looks inspired by Kim’s personal archived collection from 1987-2007. The show featured metal bustiers, ripped denim jeans and diamanté bras full of 90s and early 00s Dolce & Gabbana. A majority of black and white looks were embellished with silver crystals, bodycon silhouettes and full leopard print figure looks accessorised with “KIM” chokers on models necks were signature Kim Kardashian. Commenting on the collection Kim stated “There will definitely be something for everyone in this collection. It’s very wearable”. The reimagining of pieces was an empowering reflective moment defining the true history and essence of the italian fashion house. It was an all inclusive and diverse showcase representing the past and present of Dolce & Gabbana.

Gucci ” Twinsburg

The Italian Fashion house stunned onlookers with a presentation of 68 pairs of identical twins walking down the runway. Each pair dressed in draw dropping matching looks from Gucci SS23 collection, making it a show to remember. The meaning of this unique twin display was described by Alessandro Michele the creative director of Gucci as a reminder of “the connective tissue” in families and in society. There was a mix of retro patterend looks from shimmering silver jackets paired with checked trousers to floor long silk dresses paired with leopard and snakeskin print boots. Visually a dazzling show full of colours, ideas and energy.


Following in Gucci’s footsteps Sunnei played around with the idea of transformation using twins to portray different alter egos. Models surprisingly emerged from the crowds to join the runway then transformed through a revolving door to reappear as their twin dressed in a vibrant Sunnei look. The collection is a display of more youthful street style looks with parachute trousers and jumpsuits, striped bright cut sleeves and cross neck tops. A mix of blues, orange and greens brought a nostalgic spring warmth to the collection.


Versace tore the house down with a star studded show. From Bella Hadid to Paris Hilton closing the runway spectators were treated to a bundle of glamorous designs. This SS23 brings a darker vibe with gothic lace gowns, biker jackets and velvet mesh dresses in tones of black, deep purple and hot pink. Model’s transformed and walked as sexy glamorous brides in veils stealing the hearts of all those who watched on. On top of this Donatella Versace debuted a new range of studded leather thrilled hobo shaped bags and platform sandals bringing accessories to a higher level embracing the gothic princess vibe. All around it is a universal seasonal range for those who are sensual, mysterious and outgoing.


The Diesel brand continues to elevate and captivate the eye. An silver inflatable figure sculpture stood in place as models walked through in debut and vintage Diesel SS23 looks. Distressed acid washed denim pieces, supersize utility pants , lace trims and oversized jackets made it clear we are in the midst of a repositioning of Diesel entering a modern urban era. This is a collection truly for the youthful street icons of today. 

Bottega Veneta

Once again the boundaries were pushed with this collection showing a display of captivating looks for every needed occasion. There was a display of dramatic silhouettes that showed off the evolution of Bottega for SS23, this included fringe off the shoulder dresses with floral prints, elegant reminders of 1920s stand out fashion. Slick printed suits, denim jeans and flannel shirts were smart and casual looks for everyday. One flannel shirt worn by renowned model Kate Moss required 12 layers of prints to achieve the desired colour. It is truly a chic collection for all days, times and people.


Maximilian Davi celebrated new Hollywood glamour, sensuality and archival codes this SS23. The collection was a delightful sunrise on the red sanded runway, a showcase of warm reds and yellow battling midnight black stood out through Davi’s signature veiling, sheer constructed looks. “I want each piece to feel playful, but also desirable as an object – to stand on its own,” commented Davi. Each look speaks for itself being sexy yet classy in its own form.


Walking amongst water, Andreadamo showcased a dune style runway. A spectrum of brown, sandy shades on fringed woven dresses, cargo trousers and skin tight tops flowed as models splashed their way through in platform sandals. Adamo’s signature ribbed knits were present alongside fiery blood orange and red looks showing a more playful daring side to this collection. The simple yet technical designs were inspired by surfers and mermaids bringing a refreshing season of edgy looks.

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