With Paris fashion Week almost over it’s time to look back at some of our favourites that hit the runway. From sculptured dresses to flowing silks, the variety was endless and a true image of every girl’s dream.


Michael Cinco

The designer from Dubai Michael Cinco showed off a wonderful collection with a variety of styles. The works had incredible lace detail and floral designs. The mixture between knee and full length dresses worked well with recurring very low v neck line. The range in colours from dark’s to lights and a garden influenced mixture created an intriguing atmosphere and an ever changing feel to the show. What a fantastic way to make a debut.



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Atelier Versace

The collection screamed of a very sculptured cut with materials draped over models to further accentuating the curves of the female body. What made the designs work well were the colour combinations chosen resulting in them complimenting each other very well. The collection had a very youthful modern woman theme mainly focusing on evening wear.







Alexandre Vauthier

The collection had a very edgy feel to it with accessorize giving it a very modern feel complimenting the chic cut clothing. The combination of different textures came to together well with the use of the dark colours. It was a very well put together collection with each reflecting the other through the recurring colours and accessorize. Overall it was a beautiful collection, a true reflection of a modern chic lady.



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Elie Saab

Elie Saab pulled at our heartstrings with a collection featuring matching adult and children’s dresses. Both sets of dresses had an incredible amount of detail including butterflies lace patterns and heavy set accessorize for adults and children. The dresses showed an impressive amount of intricate beading as always with a variety of low necks, cinched in waists and belts to complete the looks. The collection was titled impressions of New York echoing the influence of the city and its skyline on the collection.



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Image sources: gma.network.com, DailyMail, Vogue online

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