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Minimalist, capsule wardrobes are all the rage nowadays. They never go out of style and have their sustainable benefits also. A minimalist’s dream wardrobe usually draws inspiration from the streets of France and has done for many decades. Elegant and chick, yet comfortable and simple, French Girl style hits all the marks.

One of the most classic French Girl style icons of all time is Jane Birkin. 

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Jane is a British singer, model & actress. She learnt French from a tape recording and from her partner Serge Gainsbourg with whom she participated on the infamous track ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’. Despite being London born, she has spent most of her life since the 1970s living in France.

Jane’s impact on fashion – to this day – is almost unrivalled. Yes, Hermes’ notorious Birkin bag was named after her! She always kept her outfits simple, yet sexy. The fact that she remains a style icon for so many, 60 years after her career took off, just proves that Parisian style truly will never go out. 

Let’s get some inspiration from Birkin for our new capsule wardrobe… 

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jane birkin
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Credit: Rex Features
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Nowadays, the best examples of Parisian style can be found on Instagram, or off duty models. 

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At the start of this year, Kendall Jenner was snapped wearing this outfit complete with the Sandro Dual-Fabric Tailored Jacket.

One of my personal favourite French fashion influencers is @camilleyolaine. Camille is a model and writer for the beauty company Rouje. She has previously revealed she tends to steer away from fashion trends, rather leaning towards vintage items and basics, and it pays off! Amassing over 400k+ followers, her stylish outfits incorporate the simplicity and chicness that epitomises the forever favourite French Girl fashion.

Credit: @camilleyolaine / Instagram

For more French Girl inspiration, I’d recommend following @frenchgirldaily on Instagram. They capture and share a multitude of looks from a multitude of women, there’s something perfect for everyone. Let’s lean into Parisian Fashion this 2022.