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Have you ever you get stuck and have no further ideas how to solve the problem or create breakthrough concept? Or maybe you feel that your ideas are not good enough and rather are only reproduction of standard concepts than something new what can make a difference? This situation I call creative desert. How to overcome this difficult moment? There are several methods but today I would like to give you the one I found the most effective and I’m using since 2010 and always when I help customers to come up with extremely original concept for example to distinguish their brand, product or attract new prospect by unexpected promo campaign.

It is modification of Forced Analogy Method published by Edward de Bono.

Creative technique which will open you mind for original inspirations

Prepare piece of paper and something to write. Make a two columns vertically. In the headline of first column write: Random Objects the second leave blank. Now take a walk for 15-30 min. Get outside, enter some place you usually not visit, take a path you usually don’t use. While walking pay attention, be silent and observe. Note objects, situation you will noticed on your way. In first column write down in bullet point  all the things you will notice during your walk. Write as many interesting things, situations you will see, hear, feel, smell. You need to have at least 20 bullet points on your list in first column.

Come back to your place. In headline of second column write down the problem statement you are trying to solve or name the concept for which you need original idea.

Next to each bullet points from first column write inspiration how this noticed object can help you to solve the problem creatively. Make few nonstandard connection between each listed object and you challenge.

Please see below the example of table with random object and inspiration I came up.

Random objects I noticed during my walk How to promote new product: beer to better attract customers: hard working and busy people
Example: Many flying small birds between threes Example: Make the beer can hanging on a balloon on the pathway in park in city centre where many busy people are passing. One person can get the beer to home but only with fasten balloon all the way. There will a logo on balloon and slogan: I feel lighter, free and relaxed.
Next situation/object Ideas inspired by connecting random object/situation with problem
Next situation/object Ideas inspired by connecting random object/situation with problem
………. ……..

Build your own table as above with your real case to be solved. Look for unexpected inspirations and build creative combination of not obviously related “thinking boxes”.related “thinking boxes”.

Tomek Bakowski

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