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Camilla Ghione is the artist and designer behind Camilla Ghione, her personal brand and collection of luxury accessories. The scarves and phone cases that Camilla makes are patterned with her own artwork, which makes them one of a kind.  

Born in Monaco, Italy, Camilla started studying art at The International School and later went on to get her Fashion Degree from the Art Institute of New York City. She created Camilla Ghione in 2018 with the desire to create wearable art. Her entire collection is based on the idea that one perfect accessory can follow you all year round.   

How does your art influence your brand, and what kind of products can people buy from Camilla Ghione online right now? 

I have always been art driven, driven by what I could communicate through my art. My passion for art has never let me down, and has given me so much. It has inspired me to create a series of resin art pieces which led me to create my “ART TO WEAR” collection. 

Art combined with the best natural fabrics, the latest printing technologies, and fully finished by hand to create unique, sustainable and elegant accessories. Each product is timeless.

Recently I also created Iphone cases which I decorated by hand with resin and acrylic paints. Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated.   

What kind of fabrics do you work with and why?

I only work with natural fabrics such as silk, cashmere, and modal:  90cm x 90cm 100% silk twill | 140cm x 140cm 90% modal, 10% cashmere | 100% cashmere. 

I also make sure of their provenance and only purchase 100% Italian fabrics to avoid any type of exploitation or labor. 

How do you make your products as sustainable as possible?

One of the most draining aspects of the fashion industry are water excess, inks, and toxic solvents thrown in our precious habitat. I choose to use the most innovative laser printing technologies which don’t need excessive amounts of water and don’t input any toxins into our environment. We are also plastic free. 

I also believe that versability is the new sustainable. ART TO WEAR. All year.

Tell us a bit more about Monaco Fashion Week and the contest you’re competing in. 

I was so proud to participate in this SUSTAINABLE CONTEST at MCFW this year. They announced this contest a few weeks ago, but I found out through their Instagram post that I was in it. I truly hope that this catastrophe that we are all going through will help us make better decisions and lead us to having a better world. A more conscious, more sustainable, more reliable world. I believe that we should all be more green in our lives, and often link my art to this. 

What can people look forward to from you and your brand over the next couple of years? Do you have any new pieces or collections coming out soon? 

I will expand my collection with some new ART TO WEAR, some of my latest artworks are coming out soon in “printed” version. There will be larger sizes available to increase the versability even more. 

The process of creating my accessories differs a lot depending on the art piece itself. The latest piece, for example, took about a year to finish. This makes each final product truly unique and this process a SLOW FASHION movement.  

Once everything gets back to normal, I would love to start making more pop up events where I could expose all of my art works and collections together. Stay tuned! 

To learn more about Camilla follow her on Instagram: @camillaghionedesigns  

Or visit her website: www.camillaghione.com 

Photos courtesy of Camilla Ghione

Interview by Jessy Humann    

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