Q&A with Mirjana Perkovic, founder and CEO of LookStyler   

LookStyler is a global styling platform that connects professional fashion stylists, fashion designers, and travel companies with luxury fashion lovers and world-class travelers. Speaking with the founder and CEO of LookStyler, Mirjana Perkovic, gives insight into this global styling platform.


What is LookStyler and who is it for?

LookStyler is a global platform for fashion tourism which brings together top fashion professionals and travel partners from all over the world. It is a source of information for all international luxury shoppers who want to seek virtual styling advice from abroad or who want to go on a shopping tour while traveling. We organize unique and personalized shopping experiences in over 70 of the biggest shopping cities worldwide. We use local fashion stylists and designers as travel guides and they help us curate these unique fashion travel experiences. We create fun and timeless shareable social media stories for our clients.

Why did you start LookStyler? 

I always loved both fashion and travel, and I have already traveled to 107 countries on 6 continents. While traveling, I discovered a huge market opportunity for luxury travelers who are fashion lovers and love shopping just like me. With our help, they can now go shopping in a much more personalized and targeted way as we guide them while they are abroad. Creating a product that blends both fashion and travel seemed very much like me and like something I just had to do to help out other luxury travelers.

What are some of the challenges you faced creating LookStyler and how did you overcome them?

Prior to launching LookStyler I created a fashion platform for customized clothing. With both companies I had to learn a lot about how to build a business. I also traveled a lot and often struggled with finding enough time in a day to do everything that needs to be accomplished. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging but it is also extremely rewarding.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about the fashion industry? 

The fashion industry is an industry of artists and creative people who work incredibly hard. I wish people would see what really goes on in the background and how much hard work young designers and artists put into their collections.

What can we look forward to seeing from LookStyler in the near future? 

In the near future we are going to launch an upgraded version of our platform which will offer an even more interactive experience for our fashion community members, stylists, and designers, as well as for our travel partners. We plan to also focus on offering online courses, tours, and webinars.

If you could offer one piece of business or life advice, what would it be?

I think if you want to become successful as an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to embrace rejection and failure. The faster you adapt to negative experiences, the more you can grow as an entrepreneur in any field. You need to pursue your passion in order to achieve success in business. 

All photos courtesy of LookStyler

Interview by Jessy Humann