Ever since 2000 the beggining of the year brings to us a new color of the year, announced by the Pantone Color Institute. Don’t mistaken it for the most fashionable shade, the purpose of choosing color of the year is whole different than to set trends.

According to the executive director of PCI, Leatrice Eiseman, every color has it’s unique meaning. This year the chosen Radiant Orchid (which is a bit pinky, but still violet tone) “speaks to creativity” and “encourages us to innovate”. It belongs to the purple family that has some magical symbolism drawn to it, so Radiand Orchid is instantly magic just by the definition, but also by the variety of the undertones mixed.

Color of the year influences art in a very wide spectrum of it. It’s visible in upcoming films, paintings, entertainment industry and even technology. So keep your eyes wide open and get inspired – maybe with a little Radiant Orchid help you’ll be the one to create something groundbreaking this year?

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