Rahul Mishra is a designer whose work is of artisanal fingers – with his SS16 collection demonstrating stylistic feminine silhouettes combining various elements and textures, such as mesh knits and sheer dresses.

Mishra titled his collection the ‘fourth dimension’ as his work is a mix of heavy structural pieces and was inspired by the juxtapositions of different elements & shapes. The designer also gathered inspiration for his collection from the creation of the universe based on how everything starts with a single point to which everything is developed.

It is evident that Mishra has used 3D printing to create pieces in his collection, from scalloped hems that look like fish scales to sculptural flairs on shoulders and hemline sleeves.








The designer clearly demonstrates the extent of which 3D technology and ideas bring to his collection and how we will see more of 3D technology in the future of the fashion world, allowing designers to come up with new possibilities, allowing us to see not just past and present, but also insight into the future.

So lets talks about the colour palette that Rahul Mishra has chosen for his collection. A bright arrangement of colours including white, pale blue and delicate pink contrasts with the urban black that Mishra has chosen in his palette. Mishra is creating a hymn for spring with feminine colours and also by incorporating delicate floral embroidery into his collection.




Mishra’s work is definitely a celebration of traditional Indian craftsmanship and design. Rahul Mishra has used merino wool in his collection – being the former winner of the Woolmark Prize 2014.

There is definitely a sense of wearability in Mishra’s collection with pieces, such as the bomber jacket and pleated skirts that give an element of sports luxe to the collection.

We are definitely a huge fan of the collection, with how the designer has used modernity in his collection by incorporating 3D technology into his pieces, but also by keeping traditional aspects into his work by demonstrating his craftsmanship into his beautifully skilled collection.

Photographer : Konrad Czajkowski 

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