She’s gone to the extremes of Beyonce and Jay-z such as when they trademarked Blue Ivorys name, but this time.. it’s understandable. Rihanna has trademarked her last name Fenty, due to future possibility of launching her own clothing empire and being filed under swimwear, cosmetics, apparel and lingerie. From the success of Rihanna For Riverisland and MAC, it’s no surprise she wants to step up.

With celebrities releasing clothing lines being more of a ‘norm’ and Victoria Beckham being now highly credited in the industry, we’re expecting big things for Rihanna. Her adored street style and red carpet looks put her up in the ranks, so seeing her creative touch to the industry is going to be exciting to see, don’t you think?


Rihanna for Riverisland collection

Rihanna for River Island


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