Paris Fashion Week is the uncontested highlight in the so called ‘fashion month’ – and for a good reason. The biggest Maisons of the international fashion industry present their collections here, always to the excitement of fashion editors, bloggers and experts from all over the world. Paris still reclaims the fashion capital of the world with a sense of magic with wonderful runway shows second to none. 

“Data Center Chanel” – invitations for the presentation of Chanel S/S 17 collection in the Grand Palais of Paris perfectly encapsulated the exclusive and important event. The setting for the show surprised with an almost subdued note. After going for a supermarket setting and a stage inspired by an art gallery in the previous seasons, Lagerfeld focussed on the basics this season. Classic combined with a sportswear youthful styling and color – hoodies beneath tweed jackets, caps worn on the side and cuffs adorning the neck or wrists. 

The opening look was a insight of Chanel of the future – the signature tweeds but accompanied by a Daft Punk meets a Stormtrooper helmet. We ‘re plugged in, log in, switched on and everything that George Orwell (Big brother is watching you) predicted has in a way come true. The media revolution, the sharing, the linking it’s a theme that designers can’t escape.Monsieur Karl focussed on the link between Fashion and technology.  

The clever thing about Chanel is the fusion between a wardrobe that attracts constant clients and yet so dabble with the current zeitgeist and make something for the millennials as for the old school clientele. We saw a re-interpretation of Coco Chanel’s signature tweed-ensemble look on blush, certainly the color of the season. 

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