Imagine you have to choose one TV character to design the shoe line. Who would it be? George Malkemus didn’t hesitate for a second. You may have liked “Sex and the City” or not, but Sarah Jessica Parker knows her fashion very well! And can you imagine the bigger shoe lover than Carrie Bradshaw? Of course, we know that they are two different personas (one of them actually non-existing), but were they so different on a fashion-worshiping level?…

The collection is simply named SJP and will be released on February 28. If you think that some of those Italian-made shoe pairs are destined to be yours, they will be avaliable online and in selected Nordstrom stores.

So put the note in your calendars and wait patiently. If Sara Jessica Parker announced she’s writing a novel, we would probably be a little bit sceptical about that idea. But when she’s getting into shoe-designing bussiness, you know she’s the right person in the right place!

(photo by Terry Richardson)

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