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Before the pandemic, we did not think about how much stress we had and how we pressure ourselves to be the best at everything we do. Everything just seemed normal. To go through ups and downs without stopping and taking a break. Nevertheless, through these difficult times, we have reconsidered our way of living and put our well-being on the top of the list. Self-care seems to be an integral part of our lives, yet we still manage to push ourselves and make mistakes in the process.

We all have our ways of pleasing ourselves and the way we take care of our health and sanity. It can be just a bubble bath, a yoga class, a glass of wine, a particular food or just simple binge-watching your favourite series and doing nothing. Anything that makes us better, happier. However, in our process of healing and choosing what is the best for us, we sometimes go in the wrong direction. Unintentionally, of course.

There are many books, products and promoters of healthier life trying to present us the perfect pattern we should follow to have a better and more fulfilling life. For instance, there is a vast number of diets that are supposed to be helpful, but unfortunately, they do not work for everyone and if not consulted with a nutritionist or doctor before starting with it, could endanger our health. Also, excessive exercising could lead us to harmful consequences such as injuries and fatigue. Furthermore, forcing ourselves to be optimistic all the time is not a form of self-care. Not accepting our emotions could only worsen our mental state and avoiding problems will not make our problems disappear.

All in all, taking time for ourselves to refresh and charge batteries is something we all should implement in our lifestyle. Building routines and habits that will re-energize us and positively affect our growth. Not doing everything in excess and finding a balance between work and life. It is not easy, and of course, we will continue to make mistakes until we set the right pace of our journey.

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