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FFFACE.ME x Anabel Arto

FFFACE.ME, the geniuses behind the ‘Instagram filters that hype the internet’, have recently announced their collaboration and giveaway with Ukrainian lingerie brand Anabel Arto. This unique collaboration is not simply the coming together of two brands, but a joint project, ‘Send Nudes’, in which art meets reality. The project’s primary mission is to give people another (much needed) occasion to celebrate their bodies and feel an extra dose of serotonin. This project features FFFACE.ME’s new Instagram lens that is especially suiting for nude photographs. This effect quite literally puts the pictures through an AR ‘arty lens’, which gives more comfort to the users when sharing pictures of their bodies.

FFFACE.ME is a developing studio with marketing and business mindset that specializes in integrating AR technology into Social Media communications as well as develop AR solutions for any platform or idea. So far, they have created more that 400 AR experiences for more than 100 global brands. Known for their boundless intersection of creativity and technology, they are bringing it one step further with this unmissable collaboration.

FFFACE.ME’s goal is to ‘change the perception of users’ casual nude photos, take away from the vulgar perception and show them as art, with high contrast pop art style lenses, which favorably emphasize curves, whilst also diverting attention from possible flaws. Bold shades and inversions emphasize referring to the styles of contemporary art.’ Therefore, this extremely handy tool will give users the opportunity to be bolder, showing themselves in an aesthetically pleasing and fresh visual representation. They state ‘from now on, nudes are art and aesthetics and we are not shy about sharing them’. To achieve this, they have integrated a lingerie giveaway into the project.

The purpose of this project is to encourage the user to be bold and show themselves and their body. While the concept of ‘sending nudes’ is oftentimes seen as crude or lacking charm, many people do not see it as such if it is for the sake of art – ergo, a ‘nude’ photo shoot. This collaboration attempts to bridge the gap between art and reality, thus exposing the absurdity behind this shamefulness. FFFACE.ME and Anabel Arto’s collaboration gives a modern art vibe in which neon colors and bold shades and contrasts paint the picture of a longing for ‘being out there’. Curves and contours of the human body are elegantly emphasized by Anabel Arto’s sophisticated lingerie line.

FFFACE.ME x Anabel Arto encourage people of all shapes and sizes to take part in this initiative and collaborate by using the exclusive filter. Unbinding oneself from the strings attached to body anxieties is the key to loving oneself.

Here is how you can participate: post an Instagram story using the filter, tagging @anabelarto_official and @ffface.me.

You can get ahold of the lens on FFFACE.ME’s Instagram page or using the following link: https://www.instagram.com/ar/323954905972801/.

Credits @anabelarto_official x @ffface.me x @elmiramamriyeva. Quotes by the FFFACE.ME team.


Ukranian words on lens:

Кохання (Kohannya) – Love

Зваба (Zvaba) – Seduction

Спека (Speka) – Heat

Бажання (Bazhannya) – Desire

НІЧ (Nich) – Night