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On her TikTok page, @thealgorhythm, fashion forecaster Agustina Panzoni coined the term ‘subversive basics’ describing the micro-trend of basic clothing that is altered to the point where their basic practicality is lost. 

Panzoni explains that subversive basics can be categorised as classic pieces (e.g little black dress, white tank top) with cutouts, keyholes and sheers. And it’s no surprise that after 1-2 years of Covid, quarantine, and general disturbance to normality that we’re now rebelling against ‘normal’ clothes. At this moment in history, normality is few and far between. Conformity that we’ve known for centuries, especially on the fashion front, is changing as well. Wanting to burst out of our quarantine clothes, subversive basics and more industrial looks perfectly express rebellion of sensical life.

Kim Shui Spring/Summer 2022
Credit: Tagwalk
David Koma Spring/Summer 2022
Credit: Highxtar
Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2022
Credit: Miu Miu

This trend gives power to the everyday. The transformation of basic pieces by cutting and slicing what many already have adds a level of provocativeness and disruption to the mundane. 

Subversive basics, as well as reaching high fashion realms, elevate pre-existing archetypes. Skirts become shorter, tights become tops, slacks become shorts. New proportions provide a new, fresh, passionate energy to the old, loved classics. 

There are so many great examples of this on social media. Often paired with industrial, metallic accessories, and layered beyond belief, let’s have a look at some influencers who make subversive basics look amazing. 

Credit: @ellennbell / Instagram
Credit: @olivianeill / Instagram
Credit @_olhirst_ / Instagram

It looks as though this will be a trend to dominate 2022. As seen on all the biggest names, it’s a follow on from 2021’s biggest trend: Y2K. The greatest thing about this trend is its potential for sustainable wear. Upcycling and layering what you already have, it’s as easy as it sounds!