About the Issue:

We believe that sustainability is the next thing in the global fashion movement. This issue features influencers, companies, fashion designers and individuals, which support sustainability, as well as conscious consumerism. Since our planet suffered greatly, a lot of people started to care about what we can do about it – how we can change it, by shifting the mindset first, then strategically creating a plan of how to help ourselves, our businesses and eventually by doing so, influence the rapid changes happening on Earth and possibly create a movement, which can inspire many to CARE.

We do care about the environment, all stakeholders, from our employees to everyone in our community, so forth we believe in starting the conversation between everyone featured in the issue and YOU, our readers.

This issue’s dedicated to raising awareness in the fashion industry – Creatives to and for Earth. Enjoy issue 12!

Thank you to the team of writers:
Reema Vaidya, Alexis Calcavecchia, Chloe Rann, Mary’s Eireos Curras, Millie Richardson, Lucy Oben Pepra, Magda Kaczmarska
Graphic Designer – Patrick ByrneSpecial thanks to:
Our cover star- Laura Noltemeyer

Special thanks to:

Our cover star: Laura Noltemeyer 

Selina Graf


Lisa Lankes

LALA Berlin

Marcel Ostertag

Sofia Trojanowska

STAIY team

Daniel’s Face

Nick Leuze

Christina Leuze

Patrick Duffy

Yash Ranga

Hilde van Mas

Imo Ikamen

Cynthia Abila

Yuna Miray

Sanaz Wasser


Marija Kriskapa

Caroline Vazzana

Kate Tik


Leonie Hanne


Yamilette Cano

Elisa Bellino  Gosia Boy

CEOs and Founders:

Melanie Perkins –  CANVA team

Patrick Llewellyn – 99designs team

Mariya Nurislamova – SCENTBIRD team

Jordana – from Fashion Innovation NYC

Rankin and Marco Antonio 

Quintessentially team

Dr. Halima Jarrodi

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