I’ve never been in love with Russian fashion. But things are changing. First time I visited Russian Fashion Week I did not like any collection (it was in 2009!) but then I started checking everyone out really carefully! I can say that I have about 5 favourite russian brands. Some designers are really creative, but some of them do not really know what do they do. Most of designers are really new in the sphere of fashion. They just come up with fresh ideas and their specific creativity, but they do not know how to make their ideas.

My favourite Russian designer is Valentin Yudashkin. He is really great. He is my obsession. Valentin is really known in Paris and he takes parts in PFWs. His creatures are powerful. I visited his own exhibition few months ago and I literally cried while staring at his previous collections ! His creatures are AMAZING! Everyone knows him in Russia and he makes great shows each International Women’s Day. Also, his fashion shows during FWs here are fabulous. Each show comes out with a surprise. There are always too much people so some of them just cannot sit. I am really proud of him, he brings Russian culture on a high level.


The next famous brand I ADORE is Alexander Arutyunov. He is my GOD. I visited his fashion show for the first time 2 years ago. His creatures are a pure perfection. He is known for his silhouettes. When I see a dress I can easily recognize his work. He is really deep into his own world and every season we can see what comes into his mind and his dreams. Everytime I visit his fashion shows my heart is breaking.

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PIROSMANI !! Have you ever heard about PIROSMANI?? Oh MY GOD ! They have a killer style! I visited their fashion show last season for the first time! They made me fall for the ,fashion of our future, even more. Their style is modern and it is really fantastic. Mariano Di Vaio visited their fashion show last season, I met him and we talked – he was really sweet and he loved the fashion show. PIROSMANI is really great. This September we collaborate with them – I bring them to Mardan Palace, famous Turkish luxury hotel and we make a fashion show and a huge party.

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To be honest, there are a lot of AMAZING designers in Russia. It is really hard not to mention my bestfriends and faves – Goga Sabekia and Alexander Gusarov. 2 fresh designers, their styles are absolutely different,but I AM OBSESSED WITH WHAT THEY CREATE. This June I will take them to Mardan Palace with a fashion show too. Alexander Gusarov is in love with a kind of hot and glamorous rich woman and Goga is obsessed with freaks and XXII century girls.

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The problem of most Russian designers – they do not know what happens in the fashion world. Sometimes, I see the collection and do not get it..WHY? Why Spring/Summer collection comes out during Fall 14/15 season? Most of designers just do not know their story! I do not see their creativisty sometimes. When I visit Russian Fashion Weeks..sometimes I get REALLY bored. Is it this hard to create the real show? Maroussia Zaitseva ( granddaughter of famous designer Slava Zaitsev) is known for her BRIGHT fashion shows. She’s a new designer in our fashion world, but all 3 years are perfect – from the show to silhouettes of each outfit, music & make up!

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Actually,our designers try really hard and maybe I judge the way too much, but we live in 2014 and it’s really hard to impress the society. I wish we all could experience the fashion of XX century in real life. If you have never been to Russia you have to check out our designers and brands because we have some really talented people. More than that, our designers create amazing clothes.

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