We had a chat with the girls from PS. TRULY YOURS about what they love, hate, need and are currently obsessed with of all things fashion. The two bloggers (Samantha & Bri) took over London Fashion Week with kick-ass style and with a flawless blog behind them, we could not wait to hear what they had to say!

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To start with, as AW15 fashion week season is near over, what has been your favourite collection and why?

Bri –  Undercover! This collection was provocative and just breathtakingly beautiful. From first glance, I was immediately enamored with Jun Takahashi’s work this season. The plastic masks were haunting and added an element of intrigue as he touched on the subject of plastic surgery and youthful beauty. I also applaud the creativity and innovation behind the designs – plastic overcoats, sheer panels layered over denim trousers, oversized graphics and oversized outerwear… It was all spectacular.

Samantha –   I’m lusting over the Phoebe English presentation. The silhouettes and textures were gorgeously done and there was a lot of innovation in the fabric choice.

Your current obsession at the moment?

Bri – Anything and everything furry! I am beyond obsessed with all the creative ways we are seeing fur right now. Furry shoes, furry purses, furry key chains…. It is so playful and fun.

Samantha – Everything sporty-chic!

What is one item of clothing you can’t live without? 

Bri –  At the moment, my boyfriend jeans. It was almost impossible to find the right ones, but once I stumbled upon them, my life was changed forever.

Samantha –  Right now, it’s my Sllow tailored maxi jacket from Glassworks in Shoreditch. It just looks great over everything!

Anything on your wishlist right now? 

Bri – A Karlito…. A girl can dream right?! It is my love for Karl Lagerfeld and furry friends colliding into one!

Samantha – The Y-3 leather and neoprene jacket… Need.

What is your biggest fashion no-no? 

Bri –  I don’t really think there are ‘fashion no-no’s’. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing and feel that you are expressing your true personal style, then who is anyone to judge!

Samantha – I don’t think I can say… I feel like any traditional “fashion no-no” could probably be worn stylishly by an amazing street-styler somewhere!

What is that one item everyone needs in their wardrobe? 

Bri – Everyone needs a quality leather jacket. (PERIOD).

Samantha – At least one pair of shoes that can bring any outfit to the next level

Explain your style in 3 words? 

Bri –  Minimal. Sarcastic. Free.

Samantha – Menswear-inspired, edgy, street wear

What does blogging and styling mean to you? 

Bri – Blogging is a way to communicate this intense passion of mine with the world. It is my outlet of expression. I am so lucky to have found such an amazing partner in Samantha. Together we developed a platform that we are truly proud of. PSTY is our brain child of creativity, and we thrive on being able to share our thoughts with our followers as we strive to inspire all.

Samantha – Blogging is not only a way to express myself, it’s also a way to inspire and empower others to dress for their own individual personality.

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