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Fashion is one of the most challenging industries severely impacted by pandemic economic pressure, and since the outbreak of Covid-19, brands had to rethink how to keep interacting with their customers and audiences without losing their loyalty.

The augmented advance in the use of digital technologies has empowered brands to go further than never before, through creativity and innovation, bringing the whole industry into the new boundaries of an immersive and digitalised realm.

Located in the digital, NAMESldn is the visionary London-based agency established in 2019, offering up a forward-thinking content. Led by the co-founders Richard Thornn and Oksana Kukla, NAMESldn is rewriting fashion history and culture, with the first digital show production agency, alongside a new wave of virtual models in collaboration with one of the leading 3D fashion studios in Europe, Rendooo

Operating at the intersection of fashion and technology, crafting digital samples for the big names of fast-fashion and couture, Rendooo’s work is focused on translating 2D sketches into hyper-realistic 3D samples and meticulously giving birth to hyper-realistic avatars and to the upcoming generation of virtual influencers. 

In June 2020, NAMESldn created a showroom in partnership with the internationally recognised designer Duran Lantink whose styles have been ported to 3D by Rendooo – to create an immersive digital showroom that offered a visually stunning experience, unbound by physical constraints.

Rendooo and NAMESldn have now joined together to create virtual fresh faces with the production of  HUM.AI.N, a digital model agency, debuting today that will radically reform the modeling industry and disrupt boundaries of physical beauty and gender. 

Java, Unix, and Mosi are the digital model non-binary gang that represents everything the original cover girl did not: diversity, individuality, and inclusivity — making their debut today, HUM.AI.N is providing a newer, more relevant idea of beauty in a re-conceptualised interactive showroom.

Looking forward, the idea of a digital showroom is not only to reinvent and bring the industry into the future but principally to make it more sustainable. Therefore, HUM.AI.N is sustainably executing on its broader vision of a more conscious fashion scape, that seamlessly blends the online and offline worlds that can create new opportunities to reimagine fashion’s experiential aspects online, without the human and environmental repercussions.

The digital showroom is a virtual interface that provides brands with the opportunity to interactively display garments while crafting the look, feel, and stories of their brand in bespoke rooms. Looks are stored and shipped upon request, eliminating environmental costs and lengthy appointment schedules.

You might wonder if this new step for the industry into a completely digital realm might substitute the traditional system and leave people unemployed The real answer is that it will bring new job opportunities for the next generations; Digital Stylist, Make-up artist, and set designer are only a few of them which will give birth to new talents in the coming years.

HUM.AI.N gang of in-house virtual models, 3D-animated garments, and immersive spaces will land brands looking to enter the lane of technology squarely amidst the top rungs of fashion innovators.

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