And the bass keeps runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’, and runnin’ runnin’ and…

The point I am trying to make is to run. To be active. To feel alive, and for all intents and purposes, to be free.

We as a society are more aware of the risks of an unhealthy lifestyle but also the benefits of living a great one. With the rise of social media, the greatest tool for exposure, we have witnessed this revolutionary health kick. All forms of health feed off one another, which is why it’s even more critical to expose this way of life to each and every person.

Whilst there are those out there who count down the hours to their Friday date night with the gym and a protein shake for desert, there are those like me who couldn’t think of anything worst. My own personal experiences with exercise are pretty pathetic. My affair with the gym is a like a bad relationship. One year we’re on, next we’re off. One year it makes me empty promises of stone cold abs, the next it’s telling me “I should work harder” and that “it’s actually not me, it must be you”. I start to back off and “maybe next week?” turns into maybe next year. Before I know it, I’m trying to forget it ever existed. For me the main issue is feeling comfortable whilst exercising. I’m conscious of the fact I look and sound like an angry whale and it doesn’t help when I’m surrounded by Barbie dolls.

I also want to feel comfortable to ask questions. I don’t have a degree in exercise or nutrition; therefore my head is not bursting with the right knowledge, which is why there is no better place to turn to than the Internet. There is an abundance of knowledge, shared by professionals and people like us, who didn’t know where to turn but had the answers and ideas. So, here are a list of inspiring health pioneers, who will help you fall in love with exercise and sugar free foods again and make you want to run like the wind.

Fitness In The City


Lee Sutherland from NSW, Australia is a health expert and director of her own personal training brand, ‘Fitness In The City.’ As Lee states, her world of health began ‘out of sheer frustration at the lack of fitness (and health) options available that I myself wanted to do.’ Lee’s online presence gives the online world educated advice and help on living a healthy lifestyle. She provides followers with constant tips on how to keep active, but what is more crucial to her online presence is her knowledge of nutrition. Her team provide recipes but they investigate new ideas, solutions and supplements. Fitness In The City is current and modern. It’s relevant for the young professional ready to make that change.

Amanda Bisk

amanda bisk1

Amanda was an Australian Olympic pole-vaulter. In 2011 she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, a crippling condition that caused her to revaluate her life and retire from her sport. But her athletic frame of mind pushed her to strive for better overall health. She started to educate herself on nutrition, which combined with her fitness capabilities created this new mind-set; Amanda decided to share everything she knows on her blog. She explores the connection between yoga and cardio routines, providing videos and detailed stories on how to achieve the best well-being.

Ashley Conrad


Ashley Conrad is creator of one of the world’s most premium training brands – Clutch Body shop. Using her fitness and nutrition expertise, Ashley is able to transform the body with her

personalised trademark style. What I love is that Ashley is creating her army. She is using her status on social media to build this achievable platform, uniting everyone in their goals for a better health style. Ashley has trained individuals from all walks of life – celebrities to everyday people- people with different aims and different lifestyles. The Clutch Team is focused on people on discovering who and what we are and their dedicated style of fitness is a tool I know I would use.

Ewa Chodakowska


Ewa Chodakowska is a Polish fitness phenomenon. She is a graduate of the Pilates Academy of Athens and IAFA College Athens. Ewa embodies the notion that physical activity improves the quality of life in every way. That it is perseverance and control, not fad diets that will ultimately lead to optimism and confidence. Ewa is able to share her passion with the online world, using Instagram as a means to motivate and inspire followers. She also uses her fitness brand ‘Be Bio’ to promote the benefits of nutrition and fitness. What I love about Ewa is she personifies power. She demonstrates how one has the power to change their life for the better and just be.

Blogilates – Cassey Ho


Blogilates defines the success of the new age fitness approach, where meditation and exercise walk hand in hand. This is without doubt one of the well-pioneered forefronts for online health. Cassey, its creator, uses Instagram, YouTube and a blog to create this world. Instagram is flooded with colourful photos of Cassey not only doing leg scissors in front of St Paul’s Cathedral but of food ideas and inspirational quotes. The website provides users with all the essentials you need to get on track. But it’s the YouTube videos that set this brand apart from the rest. Cassey’s step-by-step videos train us in the best ways to stretch to classic Pilates poses and even tackle issues such as body image. I strongly suggest watching her video The “Perfect” Body, to inspire you to love yourself and make use of what you have rather than starve it away.

Simply Taralynn


This blog inspires the reality for so many young women. It’s creator Taralynn went from overweight to extremely underweight, due to a radical fitness regime, which can be put down to a lack of knowledge. Taralynn is someone who is finding that balance in life, between exercise, food and happiness and she is sharing it with the world. What I love is the array of recipes, tips for how to workout at home and ideas for grocery shopping. What defines Taralynn’s approach is that she experiences what we all feel. Using her understanding she provides a holistic approach that adapts to an everyday lifestyle.

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