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In a time through which brands and the overall fashion industry are re-thinking how to minimise their environmental and conscious footprint, it’s Roberto Di Stefano to take a step forward and re-born with a never seen before sustainable and vegan design.

The Swiss Designer in his last interview with Mess explicitly revealed: “The next chapter of the brand is to become completely cruelty-free and vegan, therefore,  sustainable and conscious from the materials to the hardware, linings, and ropes. I’ve been working on the materials and the fabrics for almost a year now and I’m really proud of what we did.”

His last SS21 is an ode to Vegan Fashion bringing the brand with its eclectic creations to a fresh new sustainable chapter. Roberto’s 100% cruelty-free luxury creations enclose a clean contemporary taste made with materials of vegetable origin.

Proudly made in Italy, the new collection signs the re-birth of the brand by embracing new techniques and organic materials including  the world’s first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly leather made out of cactus. In the making process, only the mature leaves of the plant are cut without damaging the cactus itself.

Pertaining to his minimal and ultra-chic identity Roberto remarks his the Iconic shapes of the brand, such as the Story VII, Story VIII, and the rigid clutch, with an extremely refined taste, are joined in this new season, by more daring shapes such as the mini version of the bucket, the practical shapes such as the flat tote and the essential maxi shopping bag.

The rope handle remains as a fundamental element to perceive the contact with nature. The additional maxi shoulder strap, adds an extra touch of design alongside the emblematic and distinctive mirrored logo which brings a temporary and timeless feel to the collection.

Tune in for the first e-commerce release on the 1st of November at Roberto Di Stefano.com, and contribute to empowering the chic essence of fashion sustainability.

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