Have you lost track of what our MESS team has been up to? Or the latest trends, fashion, editorials that we’ve posted? Have no fear here is the FIRST of MESS reviews! This is an overview for those who just want a quick recap of what we have discovered and shared with you. And do not worry if you want to read more then the links are all con tainted within too!



#FRESHMESS Fashion Blogger Neha Gandhi of Love Playing Dress Up

by Lucy Creber

One of the upsides of finding a fashion blogger with a unique style is finding out the reason behind their style and blog. When Neha mentioned her issues with her weight, something that every girl and guy has gone through at some point in their lives, and little things that can boost self-confidence is important. Hence the meaning behind her blog name; Love Playing Dress Up.

Her fun, young and glamour-inspired style wants to inspire women to “feel like a million bucks without having to spend a fortune.”

See the rest of the webitorial here.



MESS In Love: Lea Seydoux

 By Kasia Piersa

Through Kasia’s perceptive fashion eye. MESS has re-discovered the lost love of outerwear. With Winter seating in and the nights getting longer, days getting shorter this rekindled love has ignited our fire! Lea has shown MESS that coats can be just as important, and stylish, as whats underneath.

See the rest of webitorial here.



#FRESHMESS Marta Szczepaniak Photography

by Lucy Creber 

Secret Ingredients

Photography: Marta Szczepaniak 

Make Up: Aleksandra Latos

Stylist: Anna Zwiefka

Hair: Igo Kuznik, Iguana

Model: Daria Drozdz of D’Vision & Marta

Designers: Mateusz Jarmula, Malgorzata Kacka, Anna Zwiefka & Alicja Motyka

Production: Jakub Laptas of Glitter Collective

Assistant: Barbara Bienkowska, Magdalena Noworyta, Krzysztof Stryi & Zuza Malina

Backstage: Daniel Głogowski, UGDstudio

Marta’s photography is always one of my favorites to look through. I have posted numerous webitorials with her work and she has such a keen eye for composition and stunningly beautiful photography. (If you don’t believe me check out her Jungle, Lost & Working Girl webitorials!)

This time she even went a step further, with the help of UGDstudio, and gave MESS an insight into the pre production with a backstage video. Having the images was inspiriting enough, but to see what happens backstage with music by The Glitch Mob sets this editorial apart from the rest!

See the full webitorial here.


fashion x tech dvf

From Garments to Gadgets

By Charlotte Pratt

Charlotte has listed the Top 5 fashion and technology collaborations so far. From Burberry’s holograms to Cara’s insta-selfies!

The catwalk is the ultimate showcase of the designers work and concept. Everything from staging, to models, to music and lightening is important. Its this attention to detail that creates the mood, or for lack of better word atmosphere to boost the latest trends. Technology has gone leaps and bounds the past two decades that this cross over was almost inevitable. And these designers have done it beautifully and, most importantly, with style.

See the full webitorial here.




Mac Rocky Horror Collection

By Emmanuella Ngimbi

Halloween fast approaching plus a special anniversary for Rocky Horror Picture Show equals Mac Rocky Horror Make Up! This is huge news for those who want to get all the wacky Transylvania bright make up but cant find the right hues or colours can just pop to Mac for amazing quality make up that will delight and scare you!

See the full webitorial here.



This Weeks #Stealthelook

By Charlotte Pratt

We are excited to launch our first steal the look!

Charlotte has provided links for the latest autumn/winter trend of capes and trench coats. Both of which have been re-vamped with a textile look.

Have a sneak peak  here.




Best Hair Trends for Spring 2015

 By Emmanuella Ngimbi

With all this posts and excitement over Halloween and Winter Wear fashion has already moved forward to Spring and Summer! However because we are still restricted with the cold weather and functional need to keep warm (and avoid frost bite!) Emmanuella has brought us the top hair trends of summer!

Now THIS is a style that we can do now. Nothing to stop the fashion forward combing the latest summer hair trends with winter fashion.

Check out what they are here.