If there’s any Internet trend that has exploded over the last couple of years, it’s the rise of the blogger. Whether it’s fashion, food, travel or lifestyle, there’s no doubt we’re seeing more and more bloggers everyday.

What exactly makes a blogger so successful though?

Let’s be honest, anyone can start their own website and call themselves a blogger, but there’s so much more to it. It’s about posting material that will make your followers engage with you as well as knowing who exactly your audience is!

Let me tell you the basics:

Instagram has become one of the latest must-have apps of the century and to be honest, we can pretty much see why! For fashion bloggers, Instagram is legitimately their best friend! It’s a way to keep your followers updated regularly without having to wait for a new blog post! It’s also a quicker way to get your content out on the Internet without having to worry about writing lengthy paragraphs as opposed to a blog post. For many who have a large Instagram following, it is also how you can start your very own business! Instagram is the perfect starting point on building your brand. Some very successful bloggers, for example Chiara Ferragni known for her blog The Blonde Salad has over 3 MILLION followers! Instagram is one of the easiest ways to get more followers, so if you want to start a blog, my best bet is to create an instagram account!

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Tumblr is also another of many favourites, most people use this social platform as a starting point before they buy a url and make it professionally as a blogger. It’s a good way to get your content across and in some occasions even make money by placing advertisements on your blog. The more clicks on the advert, the more you get paid. It’s simple. Tumblr is the easier platform in the sense that your followers have the chance to interact with you through sending questions. It is vital to listen to your audience and what they want as well as staying true to your aesthetic and blog.

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I mentioned content earlier on, and by this I mean high quality content. Photographs that are clear and nicely edited (not excessively photoshopped) as well as having good written content, however this really depends on the style of blog you are trying to achieve. High quality photographs can be taken with just about any smart phone today so getting a fancy expensive camera is not always crucial.

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Letting your personality shine through is definitely another one important characteristic of having a successful blog. Whether you want to come across approachable, quirky or fun is up to you, but if you let this translate through your photos it will make you more relatable to your followers. Think of it as being an online aura/vibe you want to give off to your audience.

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Lastly, one of the most vital elements to having a successful blog is having a good name! A name that is easy to pronounce, spell, and search on the Internet. This is probably the first element to your blog people will see and start to question, and if you have a story behind your name, even better I guess! But make sure it’s something that is easy to remember!

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Making it into the blogging and fashion industry as a whole is highly competitive so making sure you have a certain edge to your blog will differentiate your blog to the endless others.

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