Last week, we witnessed the beginning of one of the biggest tragedies of the 21st century. On the 24th of February, Russia invaded Ukraine, violating the peace agreement and starting with a destructive attack. The number of victims is growing every day and the damage inflicted on Ukrainian cities is monstrous. Millions of people have already left their country, or are still trying to escape, leaving behind their homes and everything they have been constructing for years. Every memory of their peaceful and loving homeland. The only thing they have left now is hope. The hope that their loved ones will stay safe and welcome the end of this senseless war. They are fighting fearlessly and unitedly. Now, more than ever, Ukrainian people need our support and help in any possible way.

Ukrainian designers have immense talent and have already left their big marks in the fashion industry, being recognized all around the world. Their persistence and dedication are notable in every collection. Through fashion, they represent their heritage and the political situation, always leaving space for a better future. We list down below 10 Ukrainian brands to follow and support.

Chereshnivska creates refreshing and compelling garments. From denim to basic white shirts, every item holds something unique. Elena Burenina leans toward a minimalistic approach, producing structured and delicate designs.

Credit: Courtesy of Khereshnivska and Kiko Gaspar Press Office

Frolov is a couture-to-wear brand that leaves us speechless with every design. Provocative, sophisticated and dazzling, transmitting social empowering messages. Paskal is unstoppable with his fun and innovative creations. The collections exude femininity and delicacy.

Credit: Paskal Demi Couture 21/22

BEVZA stands behind a neutral colour palette and clean silhouettes. Each collection radiates sensuality and elegance. Kachorovska atelier takes pride in craftsmanship that has more than a half-century experience. Modern and one-of-a-kind design.

Credit: Riccardo Piazza / Courtesy of Bevza
Credit: Courtesy of Kachorovska and Kiko Gaspar Press Office

Ruslan Baginsky focuses on the hat design. His hats have taken over the world of celebrities and are recognized by his sharp and organic fabrics. POUSTOVIT is a well-established brand, combining elements of ethnic motifs and contemporary perspectives.  

Credit: Ruslan Baginskiy

Anton Belinskiy is the most well-known Ukrainian designer. His bold and exceptional designs are a pure representation of Ukrainian youth. Ksenia Schnaider is a label filled with edgy apparel. The brand is fully embracing sustainability and repurposing denim fabrics.

Credit: Anton Belinskiy
Credit: Andrew Grey / Ksenia Schneider

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