Trips to Las Vegas are always fun and can create the most memorable stories and experiences to remember at old age. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, if you are now planning your very first trip to Sin City and you feel like you could use some styling and dress code tips, you’ve reached the right page. We are going to provide you with a couple of excellent ideas on how to dress to look like you belong there, feel good and comfortable and, at the same time, respect the dress code imposed by the land casinos there.

How To Dress For A Sin City Nightclub?

Dressing to impress will not always suffice when getting ready to visit a nightclub in Vegas, especially if it is a fancy one. The same goes for visiting the top casinos on the Strip. You could very easily be denied access to any of them because of your fashion sense that does not correspond with their requirements. To make sure you stay on the safe side, here are a few guidelines you may want to follow:

Wear Your High Heelslas vegas

If you are used to playing your favorite games at brand new casinos online every time and you usually do it from your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone at home, you probably never do it while wearing your heels. However, you may want to dig them up for your next trip to Vegas. You are not going o want to use them to complete your casino outfit, but you will most definitely need them for a fun night out at one of the nightclubs there. In fact, most of these clubs will actually deny your access if you are wearing flats or sandals. Yes, high heels are a mandatory dress code element that will guarantee your access to a club. Secret worth considering: look for a foldable pair of flat shoes that you can easily carry in your purse and use whenever you feel like you cannot stand your heels anymore. The trick is that no one will bother to check your shoes once you will be allowed in, so you can switch to some more comfortable shoes and enjoy your dance-off with your friends.

Is Your Significant Other Accompanying You?

Men also need to wear the right attire in order to be let into a nightclub or casino in Vegas. At the same time, their dress code is known to be even more rigid compared tot he ones for the ladies. To be on the safe side as well, men should consider wearing a suit, a pair of designer jeans and elegant shoes or slacks and steer clear from ripped or baggy jeans, hats or sunglasses. Basically, everything that is considered casual clothing. The greatest number of nightclubs in Sin City require men to dress up using the upscale casual style. If you are travelling accompanied by a manly presence, see that you have them wear accordingly so you can avoid an unfortunate event in which you are let in and they are denied their access inside the club or casino.

What Else To Wear Besides High Heels?

Avoid wearing jeans and focus on skirts or dresses instead. Also, try to focus on clothes that will flatter your figure and do not be afraid to opt for bold colors and patterns. Do not forget to accessorize, if possible, using some designer jewelry and small clutch bags. The last thing you want to do is walk around with a huge bag around the club or casino. Only carry your essentials in a clutch you can take with you when going to the bathroom, when on the dance floor or when sitting behind a roulette or poker table. Just make sure your clutch can fit some cash so you can buy your chips at the casino.

Keep in mind that the doorman will ultimately have the final call of letting you in or not. Try to be as confident about your style and choice of clothes as possible and your confidence could just get you in, even though you might not have selected the best outfit for a night out in Vegas. Also, keep in mind that, more often than not, simply being a female should make you a desirable guest at the majority of fun Vegas establishment. Sticking to these simple rules also help you make your easy way in and enjoy your night out hassle-free.


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