I am in love with difficult constructions and detailed outfits. I don’t think that minimalism is goof for Haute Coutute. But when it comes to Viktor & Rolf, I can’t be quiet. They make their collections look really simple from the first sight, but then you see the difference, then you start finding new and new things in their Haute Couture shows, then you understand – they are closer to art than we are.

This collection looks really ,,red,,.  I did not fall for that collection for the first time, but then I watched the show and checked it again – each dress was unique, full of energy. Yes! Dresses were full of energy! Usually, red is the colour of passion, but I caught some confidence, energy and theatre. I thought of the Red Carpet when I first saw the collection. It looked like models cut the Red Carpet before Grammys and put the pieces on their shoulders. But each dress had its own silhouette, some of them had bows. There were some prints – leopard, zebra and giraffe. Runway looked like a Red Carpet too. Undone hair and natural make up – we must check out the clothes not the faces.

Watching backstage video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVmuX6WTgeA ) I decided that V&R wanted to make us think of all these Red Carpets and events young celebrities are going trough. Everything is wonderful, but sometimes it’s so better to stay at home with messy hair and a cozy sweater on. But we cannot forget that we watch Haute Couture and it is  art. People have their own imagination. Haute Couture gives a chance to everyone to work on imagination. Everytime  you see a Couture fashion show, you have all rights to make different scenarios in your head about the collection you’ve just seen . V&R give us more – they give us no limits, endless space for creativity. When they show us their Couture, they mean WE are a part of it. Their work is to create and our work is to imagine and find details in simplicity.

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