Hello everyone ! I am Voguediary, Russian fashion blogger and I am starting working with Mess Magazine. We found each other on twitter and I fell in love with them from the first sight. I love modern fashion and their work is really great. This magazine is really young, so I hope it will grow with us.

Few words about me..I write about fashion & art, different events & interesting things. I fell in love with fashion when I was 12. My first fashion week is still in my memory. I was so impressed by the atmosphere of that fashion week, so I started visiting every season. I met a lot of new people and found friends in the fashion world. It really saved me.

I am going to write articles for Mess Magazine here! I will tell you about different things, from outfits I wear to events. I cannot wait to come to LA and meet them in real life and make any project. You guys should watch us! Maybe we are going to interview famous designers and visit fashion weeks together so you,fashionistas, should check out this website regularly!

I am really excited to work with Mess Magazine and learn from them. Just look at their profile ! They are so in fashion, they look modern and fabulous!voguediary



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