So you want to become a blogger? Well sure, you want to join the current global bandwaggon but there’s the question, ‘How do I get started?’

Here’s the step by step guide for joining the clan written by our very own Mess Writer Charlotte @ CHAZABELLA


1. Get a catchy name!

No one like a boring name. A boring name can show a boring attitude. Some of the biggest fashion bloggers in the world have names that are catchy an fun, reflecting there interests or personality. Take Susie Bubble and LeHappy for example, their name reflects their personalities and separates them from the competition.

2. What’s your focus?

A big focus for many of our bloggers today is Fashion, but don’t feel limited! Many go down the route of lifestyle, trends, photography, make-up, food and tourism. The list is endless!

3. Pick a platform

You need a secure platform for your blog, somewhere which is easy to work around and edit for you first time Bloggers. WordPress and Blogspot are hugely recommended, with easy layout set ups with limited DIY CSS you cannot go wrong.

4. Get a theme!

If you are a beginner, HTML and CSS codes can look like another language. However, there is way where you can work from and edit. Blogger are known to having simple themes, which are easy to play around with, change and upload. Your theme plays a huge part with your blog, creating an essence and a image to represent you!

5. Blog on the go!

No one likes a slow.. updated once a month blog. To gain and keep fans you need to update whenever, wherever. Blog on the go, through tablet and phone or even note things down. A consistent blog is the key.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Promoting is the heart and soul of creating a successful blog, and it is one of the easiest tips in the world of blogging. With the power of social media, promoting is goldmine. Post your blog on all social platforms, it’s the power of word and mouth. Useful tips include when using Twitter and Instagram, hashtag posts with #fblogger (for fashion blogs) or #blogger (for beauty blogs). Find existent bloggers fanpages, comment and share. Also comment and follow current blogs, not only it’ll promote yourself but will also help you gain information and inspiration.

Another key way of promoting is creating social media accounts based on your blog. Lookbook and Polyvore are great ways for this, gives you a area to share your love of blogging and creativity.


In the meantime, have a look at our favourite fashion blogs of the moment. So go on Mess Readers, get blogging!

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