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Johny Dar is Berlin fashion weeks must-watch designers, with mind blowing collections every season. With a talent in art, fashion and filmmaking, Dar is thriving with creativity. From Avant-garde to the weird and wonderful, we caught up with Dar to hear about his latest SS16 collection ‘Inspired by Me Loving You’.

Yet again, for another season, your collection has been a success. We noticed you have taken a lot of inspiration from ‘the woman’. What inspired you to go down this route for SS16?

I believe we are doing this for the woman, after all, so why not let the woman be the inspiration.


What current trends in womenswear do you admire most at the moment?

I’m not so much of a trend driven artist and designer so I’m not really inspired by trends. I do my best not to look at trends and pay attention to the present state of the woman, whether her emotional journey or her intellectual needs – essentially her desire to express the various personalities that identify her as her individual living trend.


Explain SS16 collection ‘Inspired By Me Loving You’ in 3 words.

It’s a romantic collection


You used a lot of decorative print, with examples of snake print. What inspired you for this?

The similarity between the snake print and the natural print of our skin. I usually look at patterns and designs that relate to the human body, and amplify that aspect of the human look, therefore these kind of prints work really well for the collection.


You created garments to let ‘the women’ show very little and additionally cover most of herself. The elegance flowed through one model to the next. What inspired you to create such graceful and feminine shapes throughout the collection?

It’s all about that state of loving a woman, and embracing her elegance and beauty, and I wanted to create a collection that allows her to embrace that for herself as well.


What future do you see for AW16 within Johny Dar as a brand and your style?

I have a grand vision for this collection which is so big that it’s taking me a few seasons to complete the various looks. Naturally it will be the continuation of the growth of the look and the brand’s offerings to our loyal following. And there will be an emphasis on developing garments that further the potential of the human performance – clothing that has the same effect as when you upgrade your computer’s hard drive. I believe it’s time for fashion, art and technology to meet, and start a whole new idea of what defines a fashion trend.


Any key inspirations right now? This can be anything!



What is your current view on the menswear industry?

Boring, stuck and a copycat of women’s clothing. I believe it’s a true mirror of the man’s mentality in general so I can’t really blame the designers too much for it. Men seem to be less adventurous with their clothing which makes it tough to introduce a cutting edge design that they would buy.

johny darr ss16

Johny Dar ss16


Who would you say is your Muse for your designs and style?

She lives in my dreams and every once in a while I see her in various women around.


Any hints of what to expect for AW16?

I’m working on a few ideas right now, and if they come out the way I’m hoping for them to come out I might even surprise myself about the fall/winter direction. So at the moment it’s a little premature to say but definitely what you saw this season will be blossoming to its maturity.


Johny debuted his SS16 collection last month, click here for full runway show


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsKGV41sIuo&w=560&h=315]

“This Fashion Week Berlin Johny Dar presented his SS16 ready-to-wear collection – ‘inspired by me loving you’ – in the courtyard of his new gallery in Mitte. Alluring and daring, playing with texture and tone, the new Dar collection emanates luxury and elegance with seductive sense of glamour permeating every look. Models walked the runway through streaming evening sunshine and a fresh wind that lifted the layers of semi-transparent silks, which rippled in the air and clung to their bodies, highlighting the sensuality of the garments in movement.”

Hair by: Shan Rahimkhan
Makeup by: Shan Rahimkhan
Special thanks to: Kryolan Professional Makeup
Shoes by: Trippen
Styling by: Alex Varjao
Music by: Kat Bloom, show remix of Johny Dar’s “She’s a Woman” & “I’m Walking”

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