Our qualified service offers a wide range of services for the repair and replacement of various automobile windows. We can not only repair, but also buy the original Lexus auto glass at the best price in the region. Since we work directly with manufacturers of original spare parts, you have the opportunity to order company glass and install it right there.

For any Lexus auto-glass ordered in our service, the price will be as loyal as possible to your wallet. For our customers, we offer a special, special cost of glass for cars of this brand. When ordering a glass installation in our service, you get a significant discount on the purchase of this important part and you can take advantage of some additional services.

We offer not only the original Lexus auto-glass - replacement is also possible with an analog from another manufacturer. The price of such a product is usually slightly lower than the original and you can save even more.

 At the same time, visually and in quality, such glasses practically do not differ.

Proper installation, the use of modern technologies and materials, as well as our many years of practical experience in this field guarantee that any Lexus auto glass will be glued in quality and for a long time. And for those who do not want to change the whole glass on Lexus, we offer its full repair. It is carried out using innovative tools and almost always brings the desired result. Not every glass can be repaired, some cracks cannot be fixed at all, but in ninety percent of cases the client can count on a good outcome of the work performed.

In our service, you can easily order a windshield on Lexus. We recommend that you install only the original in front, excluding substitutes and analogues. You can buy and put back auto glass on Lexus from us. We advise you to take a closer look at various analogues, as they will be quite a good choice. Also, from the substitutes, you can choose the side auto glass on Lexus. It is not inferior in quality to the windshield. Such glass will last even with significant loads for a long time.

At the moment, our service has a very large number of different glasses for Lexus, but even if there is nothing specific, then ordering and delivery do not take much time.

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