The degree of madness in the Fist of Awesome exceeds all reasonable limits. Dull at first glance "kickstart" game turned out to be so hilarious and contains so much fun, frank trash and massacre with bears, that after the first level passed you will not be stopped. And the developers, believe me, will be able to keep you until the very end. Try to play on the best portal of online kizi games website and you will see that the entertainment industry is developing at a tremendous pace.

An unremarkable lumberjack lived peacefully and indulged in the modest life of the Redneck. He loved his family, drinks and fights. It would seem that nothing and no one is able to break this dense idyll. But the unexpected happened. The family has disappeared, the apocalypse has descended, bears, deer and, it seems, wolves flooded the earth. Straight, stubborn and as if asking for a deadly slap.

And the greatest misfortune of a distorted world lies elsewhere. Our hero (whose name is Tim Burr, of all kinds) of all sensible creatures capable of maintaining a primitive dialogue, will compose a company, imagine, his own hand. No, no, this is not about what you might think. The hand can ... just talk, give valuable advice, or even swear in particularly uncomfortable cases.

“Inconvenient cases” are fights, streams of non-stop beats with a tremendous, as if recorded on a penny microphone, “bysch-bdysch” -sound. It is necessary to beat from above, below, directly, with legs. To pass the level, to be content with dismantling with a big bear, which, unfortunately, will not show any particular hurriedness, but will simply make the bludgeon longer on its shaggy carcass.

All the magic of Fist of Awesomelies in the point of cultural references, in absurd dialogues and sounds that opponents emit. Leveling is a special item. The theme of the dominant kind of bear played here is just enchanting. In a distorted world of winning bears, strip clubs are set up everywhere with pictures of lustful bears on signboards. People can be met only in enclosures. And most of them have long been sbrendili. What is worth a possessed hipster, fearlessly chanting: "Ouya! Ouya! ”What the developer had in mind is that it's easy to understand.

With opponents, the situation was twofold. It seems like all these ridiculous figures, similar to deer, wolves, wolves in expensive costumes, elks and bears, cause a sincere smile, but showdowns with them are very fleeting. A few short shots - and the beast is already knocked down. She, of course, will jump up, but after half a second, again, ogrebet properly from our logger. Of all the parameters that can be "pumped" ("speed", "spetsudary" and so on), only "force" will be really necessary. The more of it - the faster your opponent will disappear from the screen forever.

Talking hand, pixel graphics, rebel bears, cheap voice - in general, all the signs of budget indie, released thanks to Kickstarter, are obvious. The game, if anything, great.

Pros: funny characters, peace, voice, plot - this is not often met.
Cons: a very primitive bohik and poorly working "pumping" system.