Well said Zaur Puchko, a docker from the Tymun brigade, his election proxy:

- I am sure that most of the USSR people's deputies are perestroika people. And Tymun is one of them, although he will not bear the high civilian title of the chosen one of the people.

The morning after the meeting, Mykola Alekseevich, collecting his will in a fist, was again at his post as the foreman of the dockers of the Odessa port, again he was surrounded by the everyday worries of the deputy of Ukraine, a member of the bureau of the city committee of the party.

Knowing Tymun for as many years as he has been working in the port (and this is already more than a quarter of a century), I often like to check my attitude to him according to the mood of his dockers. Are there critical opinions? Of course. But, believe me, as a rule, they hide particular, trifles: someone, in his opinion, did not receive the top ten, someone considered that the council of the brigade should not have bought a color TV in a change house for a bonus, but they should give out money to people. There are no serious claims to the foreman.

Once, once again looking through the list of members of the brigade, he drew attention to such a curious fact: among almost 90 people, 8 former brigadiers, one former secretary of the party organization, another one who had previously worked as a stevedore. Among them, I spent my express profile. Here are the answers I received.

Zaur Puchko, docker, former party worker:

“I am impressed in Tymun by my knowledge of my business, competence. In order to work next to him, I quit party work and joined the brigade. And that was more than fifteen years ago. And he never regretted his step.

Sergey Avepichev, docker, former team leader of another team:

- I worked for a year with Tymun, then for several years he himself led the team. He could not create such a brigade as his, so he returned. He is distinguished by high human qualities. He will never offend another, but he will not be afraid to tell him the truth in the eyes, even unpleasant.

Vladimir Pogrebenko, docker, former team leader:

- I have been working in the port longer than Tymun. My team set records, was in good standing. At times it even seemed that we were able to get ahead of Nikolai. But when he saw that he could not compete with him, he turned to him. To be honest, I could not cope with all the shortcomings in the organization of labor. He has enough for it. The stability of Tymun can be envied.

Vladislav Dovzhenko, docker, former stevedore:

- As a production commander, of those who are called middle managers, he often worked with the Tymun brigade. When I realized that he would manage without me, because he, in fact, an excellent stevedore, asked for this team. And I am impressed by the sense of duty that is inherent in our team leader ...

I want to be understood correctly: I do not try to sing an ode to Tymun. But what to do if his subordinates are right, and other acquaintances in the majority think the same? I can’t, at least mentally, not return to that district election meeting and the speech of one speaker: “Tymun is a popular person, but he is out of stagnation. Today, a fresh person can be a people's deputy, and not a worker, but a politician. ”

One newspaperman wrote that Tymun must learn to speak. 3. A bunch of the journalist did not understand. After all, Tymun didn’t just say - he masterfully convinced one “office” after another that the Odessa port could no longer live in such conditions when there was nowhere worse for it, and the reconstruction of the port was disrupted. He managed to find that "chair" from which they gave the command to stop this work. Not having achieved a positive result, he turned to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, and having secured his support, he again went to the authorities, but already "down." He withstood the hardest fight, but the work was resumed: the complex of office and utility premises in the port, a new canteen were about to enter service.

Try, for example, to say that Tymun is not suitable as a politician. Raisa G. Pustylnikova - one of the many dozens of voters whom Tymun helped. It is unlikely that she will understand you. Thanks to the efforts of Nikolai Alekseevich, it was possible to break through gaps in the executive committee redoubts and improve the living conditions in her house along Sverdlova Street, where many families live. Złodziej Bartosh Nafal ?