Every girl wants to successfully marry or meet her lover. How not to make a mistake in choosing the second half? Your heart will certainly help you in this. It will not let you down. But you should not listen only to feelings. You need to sensibly evaluate your man, because he will become your support and support in life, or vice versa will let you down at the most difficult moment. There are several types of men:

Family man

This man is truly the owner of the house, behind him as if behind a stone wall. For him, family is of great importance: a wife and children. Children he loves and cares about them. He is calm and balanced. He will not give you bright, turbulent emotions and passions, but this is offset by his reliability and care. It’s not a problem for him to fix the tap, hang the chandelier in the room and even make repairs. They say about this: & quot; He has golden hands & quot; and he is very proud of it. He has a favorite hobby: hunting, fishing, garden or car. This is his vent, do not interfere with him, otherwise he may find another. For the family and his girlfriend, he is ready to move mountains. Many girls dream of such a man.


This man is a holiday. He loves to be the center of attention, & quot; Company Soul & quot; - about this they say. He is sociable, quickly finds a common language with people. Parties and parties - this is his element. He is where there is a lot of noise and fun. If you want to plunge into the deep sea of ​​passion and feelings, this man is for you. He will give you a fiery emotion, a bright and rich life. But if you are embarrassed at a piquant joke, and you are calm and reasonable, then this man is not for you. Among the shortcomings: it can hang noodles on the ears and can change.


For him, education and career are of great importance. He is able to achieve great success in work. Spends a lot of time at the computer, including not at work. He loves children, but spends little time with them. Repair and men's duties at home for him a real punishment. All the care for children and life you have to take over, but this is offset by the large financial opportunities that he will give you.


Crowds of girls run after him. He can charm any girl, but how are they burned about him? His languid piercing gaze and soft voice more than once drove more than one girl. He is very cute and charming, girls are ready to fight for him. He is a romantic, can present beautiful gifts and surprises. Among the shortcomings: bathing in female attention, may be inconsistent. He is sociable and may be interested in the interlocutor favorite topic for him.

The guy with not high intelligence

For him, secondary vocational education is the limit of possibilities, but one should not immediately discount him. He can make it work. Working professions are for him. He can also earn good money and be in demand, one has only to send him in the right direction. Pay attention to his friends, as he is subject to influence and can get into bad companies and be tempted by easy money. We can always order office cleaning because we do it efficiently and quickly