Most girls use decorative cosmetics. But not everyone knows all the nuances of its selection. Therefore, this article will be quite informative, as well as for girls who are just beginning to use cosmetics, and for more "experienced" in this matter.
• TONE BASE. A good skin tone is the main rule of makeup, it is practically the basis, the basis for the rest. Many factors influence the choice of tonal foundation: it is just like your skin type, color, density, texture and effect you want to get from it. If you have problem skin, then you should not choose too thick cream, as for particularly prominent, significant skin imperfections there is another remedy - concealer. In case of problem skin, you need to choose a foundation with the label “oil free”, as well as they may contain tea tree oil, zinc, salicylic alcohol. If you have dry skin, then the cream should have a variety of nutritional components. Also, when choosing a tonal framework, the time of year is also important. In the summer, you should choose lighter textures or even replace it with powder and not forget that the cream in the summer should be with SPF protection from 15.
• CONSILER. What only wonders do not do this tool. It can hide acne and dark circles under the eyes and generally change your face beyond recognition through contouring. For masking acne - green and flesh. For blue under the eyes - pink or peach. To darken parts of the face, such as the back of the nose, temples, cheekbones - brown or brownish-gray.
• EYESHADOW. Here it is necessary to carefully select the product, as the skin in this area is very delicate and sensitive. Shadows should be chosen according to the color of the eyes and your color type. There are creamy shades, dry and in sticks. Cream shadows are more suitable for women with dry skin, as they have a more oily texture and have wax in their composition, from which the shadows on the eyelid have greater stamina. But for girls with oily skin it is better to forget about creamy shades, since they are based on fats of organic acids, such shadows can become clogged and the eye makeup quickly “floats”.
• MASCARA. The choice of carcass depends mainly on the effect you want to get from it. Now we are offered a huge number of functions: twisting, lengthening, increasing the volume of eyelashes. It is necessary to take into account the color of your hair, a blond and red girl is recommended to use brown mascara, and for brown-haired women and brunettes - black.
• LITTERS. When choosing a lipstick you need to take into account your color type, hair color, lip size, age. If you want to give volume to your lips, then lip gloss or lipstick with shimmering particles is most suitable for this purpose. And do not forget that women aged need to choose a more pastel, soft tone lipstick, but not bright, as it looks at least defiant. Actually, there are many frive platforms, bun not all of them would give player all different option together.