Among other things, the fact that it is possible to fire friendly, that elevation can give us an advantage, and the forest to capture some enemy shots, reducing the damage we receive. There are many similar tastes, and they all change the gameplay well.

So that we could talk about any strategy here, Destructive Creations studio was tempted to implement several user interface options that would allow us to manage our fighters a bit more effectively. First of all, you can change the formation depending on what we see on the battlefield. . Unfortunately, this function is very limited, because it is impossible to set up several branches in one line, which I regret most of all - a solution of this type would save the ass of my army many times. Another important position of the interface makes all branches go into the so-called protection mode, seeing the traps deployed in the virtual world. They can also protect themselves from attack or flank.

Each branch was determined by a factor determining its health, and when it falls below a certain critical level, we can decide to escape, which also has a certain influence on the course of the game. Unfortunately, the units themselves are not on strike when it comes to their wealth. I have no objections, but I would like more variety in the ranks. They look like warriors, archers, cavalry and heavy equipment, but in every army (no matter if we play Vikings or clearing) it is more or less the same. The differences between the soldiers mainly boil down to aesthetics, and it would be nice if the jumps between nations caused any need for adaptation by the player.

The advantage is that each unit has special skills, and during the battle we must take care of the soldiers. You must constantly make sure that the wrong units are not in the wrong place. For example, archers must be placed at the back so that the enemy’s cavalry does not carry out the attack. The cavalry will be best dealt with by infantry or spearmen, who, on the other hand, will fight fiercely with the archers - the circle closes, creating a fairly reasonable and effective system. A system that has been used for years in almost all real-time strategies (and not only) and works well here.

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