Mission 1 - Behind Enemy Lines

Go ahead and kill the guard with a knife near the wooden chest. In the same way, deal with the second, which you will meet in the bushes on the right. Go through the river and, going ashore, calmly kill another enemy, and then another standing on a stone on the right.

Walking along the river, you finally reach the village where the Germans are. Hide behind the crates and wait for the sentry to patrol the surroundings. Go after him, kill him with a knife and hide behind the truck. Wait for another German, and when he turns his back on you, throw a knife at him. Go back to the barn in front and open the door that will lead you out into the yard. Kill the guard you meet here and go up the stairs to the right.

After killing the sentry standing on the stairs, enter the building and go to the stairs on the right. Get down the road, killing the enemy on the left side of the railing. Go to the door next to the corpse, and, having freed your comrades, get ready to repel the Germans attack. Take a sniper rifle and use it to destroy all the enemies that jump out of the truck. After this, the first mission of the game will end, and the next will begin.

Mission 2 - Betrayal

You start playing for the Green Beret, but when you land, hide it in the nearest barn, switch to a sniper and use a sniper rifle to destroy all the spotlights in the forest. Then shoot all Germans trying to cross the field.

Switch to the commando and start killing opponents, trying to break through to the south. At the same time, keep an eye on your companions and, if any of them are injured, cure them with a first aid kit. You will find ammunition in the chests on the right side of the barn.

At some point, a German truck will appear. You can shoot all the enemies inside the truck or throw a grenade, which is a better solution. Understand identically with an armored car that comes from the east.

When you receive an order to retreat to the west bridge, shoot as many Germans as possible and follow the last allied soldier. When everyone is on the other side of the river, lay two explosive charges on a wooden bridge and quickly run to the satellites. Use ammunition near the truck, then throw a smoke grenade to go on the left side. Run fast to the armored car and shoot the arrow. Hide behind cover and wait for the end of the mission. Piramida Omega