On the morning of November 28, Maxim Gorky arrived at the shores of Malta. The preparatory work did not stop even for a minute: in addition to the head of our state and the officials accompanying him, responsible officers of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the Presidium of the Supreme Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and numerous journalists were to be accommodated at the turbo-pass. It was also supposed to hold a press conference of Mikhail S. Gorbachev.

The naval headquarters, specially organized on board, was headed by the Deputy Minister of the Navy O. Savin and the Head of the Black Sea Shipping Company V. Pilipenko. The headquarters also included captain V. Grishin, deputy head of the private medical unit A. Koval, head of the expedition detachment of the ASPTR I. Shitov and other specialists. Play the best web site site friv games at http://www.friv5online.com The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal.

Here are the impressions of some of them.

- In order to exclude the slightest surprise, additional exercises for the personnel were held on the way to Malta: training boat and fire alarms were announced several times, says V. Pilipenko. - Proficiency has been demonstrated excellent. When they arrived at the parking lot, they began to engage in, so to speak, quartering on board the guests, some of whom had already arrived in Malta.

It was possible to resolve unforeseen issues. These include, for example, the urgent search for a pressure chamber necessary for the normal operation of divers. As it turned out, such was not found not only on our ship, but also on both cruisers. Fortunately, in the port of Valletta stood the Black Sea rescuer "Svetlomor-4", which has the necessary pressure chamber.

A joint Soviet-American group of specialists was brought on board our rescuer (the Americans, of course, did not want to take the “cat in the bag”). Here, two divers, one on each side, checked the work of the pressure chamber on themselves. Experienced American rescuers stated that the equipment functions perfectly, by their own admission, even better than on their military vessels of the same purpose. After the reached agreement, the Svetlomor passed to the Marsaxlokk Bay, where the “diplomatic flotilla” already stood - the cruisers Slava, Belknap and Maxim Gorky.

Fortunately, "Svetlomor" quietly stood its responsible watch, and no state of emergency overshadowed the summit meeting. Of course, both our and the US security services made all the necessary efforts and took a whole range of precautionary measures, including, in particular, an inspection by divers under water of the liner hulls and cruisers. This is not the whim of "bodyguards": it is no secret that there are still many extremists of various kinds in the world ...

On the night of December 1 and 2, at 00:30 local time, M. S. Gorbachev and his wife, E. Shevardnadze, A. N. Yakovlev, and other officials arrived at the Maxim Gorky station and other officials. They warmly welcomed the captain of the liner, crew members, diplomats, and journalists who met them.

“On the same night, we all had to hold another exam,” says Captain V. Grishin. - At first, a raging storm at first caused concern, and then simply made significant adjustments to the further course of events. All night the elements were raging, a strong wind was tearing out trees with its roots, high waves rolled over parapets, flooded the embankment and nearby streets. In the morning, the waves of the sea still reached a level at which landing from boats on the cruiser "Slava" - a place originally defined for the start of negotiations - became impossible.

“Nevertheless, a way out was found, although it was necessary to completely break the official minutes of the meeting, which was drawn up by the parties in detail for two months,” adds V. Pilipenko. - Taking into account the wishes of George W. Bush, it was decided to hold the first round of talks at the Maxim Gorky, which was stationed at the berth, somewhere half a mile from the cruisers. And if, before the procedure itself, some of the Americans expressed that the presence of the Soviet “passenger” in the bay, they say, upset the diplomatic equilibrium, then in stormy weather they also appreciated such safety net and forethought.

“In just half an hour, we had to bring the premises designated for the conduct of these peace negotiations into full“ combat readiness ”, the captain recalls. - Those were the library and salon "Zhiguli".