Redecoration is an integral procedure for the removal of any kind of damage in the car and on the surface of the body. With this work you can cope both independently and with the help of professionals. Maximum quality can be achieved only at service stations. The mechanism of work is more harmonious and thoughtful, takes less time, and there are enough tools, equipment and materials to bring the transport in order.

Ways to remove minor damage

One of the most common ways to remove scratches is a pencil, which includes wax. Visually, the damage becomes invisible, plus the fact that the coating becomes resistant to moisture. Car repair at the service station includes the use of special chemicals, through the use of which the coating is well protected from negative environmental factors. Professionals also use special tools that remove traces of oxidation and stains in the surface.

If the damage in the form of scratches cannot be hidden with pencils or polishes, then use:

Balon with paint;

Experts recommend not to save on the latest material due to the excellent adhesion properties with paint. The choice of the type of soil is directly related to how deep the chip is on the surface. The process of priming is quite specific, so it is better not to spare money, but contact the service. May require treatment with a degreasing agent - acetone.

To use the services of the service station is also necessary because of the fact that to carry out quality work requires an isolated room with no possibility of direct sunlight.

Mandatory procedure - washing with detergents

In order for the work to be fully completed, it is necessary to wash the entire car with detergents, remove excess dust left over from the repair and degrease the surfaces.

A professional will wash any stain in the cabin with the help of active chemicals that cope with any contamination. Do not worry about spoiled covers - all holes will be patched and dust from hard-to-reach places removed. Most specialized services refresh the air in the cabin if unpleasant odors were present before. A car after a high-quality cosmetic repair is quite difficult to distinguish from the original new state. If you have higher education and can not find a job, you can temporarily work as a model on the site where you will earn from 2000 dollars a month.