Salvation: civilians from the clothing area

Go to the point where the mission begins. There are already heard the sounds of battle, in which the JTF fights with the Sweeper. Join the allies and fight rivals, armed mainly with flamethrowers.

After cleaning the area you will need to get to the parking lot on the right. The gate is closed, so go to the building to the left of it. Climb the stairs and find the open window through which go inside. Jump and go to the keyboard at the gate - use it and open the passage.

When JTF soldiers join you, repel several attacks from enemy units. After clearing everything, go to the warehouse door and open it with the help of a panel, thanks to which you will release civilians.

Missing man: Michael Dufran, parts 1-4

To begin this mission, go to the item in the Clothing District. On the street you can meet several opponents that you can eliminate. Continue until you reach the building indicated by the marker.

Go inside through one of the doors, then go up the stairs to enter the next floors. When you reach the apartment marked with a marker, open the door and go inside. In the room you will find ECHO Michael Dufrane # 1. Chat with the owner, who will appear in the kitchen on the right.

At this point, the second point will appear on the map, which Michael spoke about in a telephone conversation. Go outside and go to the next ECHO (Michael Dufrane), which you will find in the middle of the street. View the scene using the Purifiers, after which the location of the next point is displayed.

This will take you to the metro station, where you activate another ECHO (Michael Dufran). Look at all the hijackers of Michael (not only the nearest, but also the person on the stairs), after which the next point will appear on the map. Go there, clear the building of several opponents and open the door, where you can see the trail of blood on the wall. So you release Michael and complete the task.

Repair Relay: Sewing Area

To start a mission, go to the item marked on the map. Your goal is to repair the relay, which you must perform at the appropriate time, which will work after using the first panel.

The panel is located on the roof of the building, standing on the street. To get there, find two containers by which you will enter the fire escape. Climb them and press the indicated button.

Start from the second point that appears on the right - eliminate several enemies along the way. Beware, because in addition to enemies with flamethrowers, you will also find a sniper standing on the platform. Climb the part of the roof from which the sniper fired at you, and press the second button. Now start running towards the generator on the right. When you come to the wall from above, several enemies with flamethrowers will jump off, so be prepared to kill them. After stripping the area, use a generator that will complete the task. Help is needed? Vigrax Do not stand, buy.