In depth

A recent investigation that will lead us to completion.

This is the latest investigation of the story, which will begin automatically after the completion of the “Flying Phoenix” case. The main goal will be to find important points associated with the seal, after activating which you can get to the mysterious Ktigonnar.

Start by visiting your hotel room. Look at the information on the left (they will vary depending on the decisions made during the game) and the information on the table. Then use the mind palace:

I am a family - the family should not die (I have a chance to survive).

The first monolith is the church of sv. Michael

The next step is to get the first fragment of the monolith, which is mentioned in the documents of the current case. Start by visiting the Advent center, where the church of Sts. Michal

Go to him and pay attention to the car, filled with gas tanks in front. In the middle you will find a note, a canister to check the lid and a burning cup of fire on which you can use the eye of the mind.

Go upstairs where you will meet a woman named Meryl. If you want to save her from self-immolation, during a conversation, mention that she is dying from suffering. Then look at the note, the book and the key next to it.

Go down to the basement, read the warning and go through the door. In the new room, read the notes on the table and use the mind on the wall to the right. Repel the attack of monsters and go to the secret room, where you will find two notes. After reading them, use your eye on the blue part of the wall.

After combining the characters, you get a piece of monolith - look at the wider end. Then follow the crow, which will lead the hero to the nearest vase. Combine the symbols on it and read the instructions of St. Nicholas.

Take advantage of the mind palace:

The cycle will start again (I will save humanity if I repeat the cycle / the cycle does not make sense).

The second monolith - the house of Jimmy Price and diving

Finding the first fragment of the monolith, leave the church of sv. Michael. The information obtained in it contains a hint in the form of a proof, called the first part of the instruction. Go to the Chronicle of Oksmon with it (C on the map) and set the following information:

The epoch is after the flood.
People are outstanding.
Categories - Actual Events.

You will receive information called Unusual Discoveries. You will find a place at the east end of the Old Colony Street. Go to the beach and check for monoliths - Last post, wetsuit and scratches on the rock; Use the telescope and use the mind - a flying monster will lead you to the closed door of the house of Jimmy Price. Inside you can jump on wooden boxes and playgrounds.

Before you do this, use the mind palace:

Miss finger - Kay's finger under a laurel cloak (dive to connect the seal).

Find in the middle a letter and a newspaper, then jump through the hole in the floor, then go to Jimmy, with whom you are talking. You will receive wooden crosses and a key to it. Use it on the red door, pick up the letter and interact with the suit, thanks to which you will start the dive.

Move forward and, as usual, follow the white lights. Along the way, you will pass the bodies of the Jimmy family - you can interact with them to leave them wooden crosses, received from Price. In total, there are three bodies that will be located along the main road.