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In 2017, Fashion Design graduates, Irina Könitz & Semiramis Wall joined together to start a sustainable fashion revolution called Yuna Miray-“the future we want”.

The latest Yuna Miray Collection features classic and modern clothing for everyday wear. All of their clothing is produced with sustainable fabrics such as Merino Wool, Organic Cotton, Tencel® / Lyocell, and packaged with the environment in mind. They even partner with Avocadostore, a marketplace for eco-fashion, and Insect Respect.

We caught up with the inspiring women behind the modern fashion label, and learned exactly how they are changing the world and making sustainable the new black. Read below.

The beginning of the Yuna Miray fashion revolution started when…

I.: We got to know each other during our studies and always kept in touch afterwards. Through our respective work at larger corporations in the fashion industry, we both have always thought that this cannot be the only way to go and to be successful. In our annoyance about it, we got together in 2017 and started to prepare our fashion revolution.

What does sustainability mean to you?

I.: Acting sustainably means constantly questioning your decisions regarding consumption, which affects all areas of your own life. Being it the groceries that I buy, the clothes that I wear, or the transportation that I use to get from A to B. I think it is a process of changing one´s life that benefits our loved ones and last but definitely not least our unique planet. The citizen who is informed and strives daily to make the world better are extremely important, but it must be politically supported in the fight for the changeover of the economy.

S.: Sustainability does also not mean seasonal fashion. You can wear them forever. It is always our goal to combine perfectly tailored clothing with the best fabric quality.

Is there a special meaning behind the super-stylish bug print? Does it have something to do with partnering with insect respect?

S.: We had the idea of making a special print and found this special beetle. They are colorful but tiny and instinctively threatened by agriculture. On the one hand we want to show the beauty of nature and on the other hand the environmental awareness! We donate to insect respect for every beetle shirt sold.

I.: Insect Respect creates flowering areas for insects. So they get a habitat far away from fields contaminated by pesticides. Insects are an extremely important part of the ecosystem. They not only serve as pollinators and thus also secure our food, but are also staple food for birds and other animal species. 

What are your go-to staple pieces that you believe everyone should have in their wardrobe?

I.: A well-fitting blazer in a classic colour, jeans, at best without washing and a cloth trouser, a trenchcoat is important and also a pencil skirt. But the most important thing is always to ensure a perfect fit and to find your personal style. A good salesperson or an honest friend is worth their weight in gold here. 

What do you want Yuna Miray to portray to consumers?

I.: The fashion industry needs to change as quickly as possible. Much more information may have to be conveyed to show the customers that sustainability and fashion are not mutually exclusive but rather enhance it.

S.: Yuna Miray is a portrait of a modern business woman. She wants to look particulary noble with fine materials. It has a new classic look.

Any suggestions on how to create a sustainable lifestyle?

I.: Try to pay attention to where the garment comes from. The manufacturer should enable the customer to provide information. Natural, certified materials are not only better for us, but also for the environment. Also buy second hand. There are great providers here as well. A garment that has been manufactured to a high quality maybe last a lifetime. And as already mentioned fashions come and go. Find your own style and your wardrobe will walk the path with you. 

Where do you see Yuna Miray in 5 years?

S.: In five years, I see ourselves as an integral part of the fashion world, which makes a significant contribution to supplying the world with conscious fashion.

What are a few goals that you want to set for each other?

S.: First of all, teamwork should be fun. We love what we do and we are passionate about doing it. It’s a tough business, otherwise it wouldn’t work.

Always build a bridge between business and family

I.: That we always outgrow ourselves and embark on new adventures. 

What are future goals for Yuna Miray?

I.: Of course, we want to continue to grow as a business in order to create secure jobs, expand the information about our insect protection and encourage customers to be more aware of their clothing. Furthermore, it would of course be great to get the opportunity to generate more attention with larger projects in order to be able to further advance the educational work. 

Please explain more about working with Avocadostore and what that means? How can this change our environment?

S.: The avocadostore is a great platform to gradually make your life more environmentally conscious. There is a wide range of clothing and accessories, but also home and living, technology and many more. Shipping is climate-neutral and they provide information on many aspects of environmentally conscious living. A visit to the site is worthwhile for everyone. 

When a Yuna Miray purchase is made through Avocadostore, Yuna Miray will also send you an envelope of seeds, to help recreate and rebuild biospeheres for animals and insects.

“As a young and modern label we value sustainability in all aspects of our production just as high as the art of fashion design itself.” 

Irina Könitz & Semiramis Wall, Founder’s of Yuna Miray

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