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As Berlin Fashion week came to a close on Sunday, this was also the day that About You, a German online retailer, kicked off their own week of events, after their Saturday About You show with Etienne Russo. Sunday saw the likes of Heidi Klum’s daughter, Leni Klum featuring with About You. As well as this, the likes of Lascana and LeGer were joining the show after Leni Klum’s debut. The About You fashion week is all about representing how people feel and banishing gender barriers. These are shows for everyone, no matter where you are from. “We all have a part of femininity inside of us, and I think we need to accept it”- Etienne Russo.

The About You opening show on Saturday the 11th. (Credit – @berlinfashionwe on Instagram).

During Berlin fashion week, it seemed as though there were recurring themes of inclusivity and sustainability with modernist styles such as wearable technology (A.K.A. smart wearables). Berlin has always taken the front row seat in creativity when it comes to everything, and this September’s fashion week was no exception. We were able to watch almost everything online such as talks, interviews and music as well as art pieces. The choice of watching it at home, thanks to the pandemic, welcomed a new era of technological advances in the fashion world as it is now even more accessible than ever before to sit back and relax at home and enjoy the shows in real-time.

About You is definitely not less than. We have seen some amazing brutalist styled runways partnered with classic colours and wearable fashion. About You has always been about including everyone and focuses on brands which are all inclusive. Monday’s shows featured Hoermanseder, SHYX by German Actress Kayla Shyx as well as a closing show by Levi’s. The feelings of the shows gives a young and fresh energy, unlike a lot of other shows. About You focuses on giving more inclusive brands a chance to shine through, using the spotlight to show that fashion can be fun and entertaining.

Lena Gercke and models at the LeGer show on Sunday. (Credit: @legerbylenagercke on Instagram).
Leni Klum. (Credit – Reuters).

Tuesday and Wednesday featured the likes of (in consecutive order) Adidas, Esprit, Guido Maria Kretschmer, Jack and Jones, Tom Tailor as well as A Lot Less by Lena Meyer-Landrut. Take a look at some of the shows below!

Jack and Jones on Wednesday. (Credit: @jjxx_official on Instagram).
A Lot Less on Wednesday. (Credit: @alotless.official on Instagram).
Esprit on Tuesday. (Credit: @esprit on Instagram).

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