Domi Perek x FFFACE.ME

Domi Perek announces the launch of a 2022 digital clothing collection in collaboration with FFFACE.ME; the award-winning Metamarketing Agency, is yet to fail to impress audiences with its augmented reality fil...

Successful Restart in Berlin

The Berlin Fashion World was able to meet again in person after 2.5 years, 5 long seasons and countless months of impatient waiting and missing each other. Premium Group debuted two fashion fairs PREMIUM and S...

Zino Haro talks Uni-ke and digital fashion

Zino Haro is the CEO of Uni-ke, a start-up that stands out with its commitment to providing young creatives with complicated backgrounds and helping them to leave their mark in the industry. Moreover, Zino is also a talented fashion designer and musician who is always ready for new challenges. Her OneRise project under World Economic Forum is changing the lives of many 'immigrants and first-generation start-up founders'. We sat down with this creative visionary to discuss Uni-ke and digital fashion.

Rutger Bruining: StoryTerrace Q&A

Rutger Bruining started StoryTerrace, a company that puts people's life experiences into books, after quitting his job in 2013. Inspired by his passion for history and storytelling, he captured many wonderful stories, achievements and adventures that might have otherwise gone lost. We sat down with Rutger and got a glimpse into the world beyond written biographies and his collaboration with 8i, one of the top virtual reality companies.