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Alexander McQueen’s Shoes Collection

Alexander McQueen was one of the most inspiring artists that treated fashion as a true art. As a fashion designer he broke all of the effective rules to make people focus on his outrageous, unique and highly innovative collections. His vision, creativity and amazing pieces of clothes had put the attention of all fashion people and made him one of the most significant fashion designers in 90’s. 

Famous designer definitely will be remembered for long time after his death for his incredibly outstanding shoes collections that truely describe his imagination and artisitic approach to life. Even though, his shoes were strictly reserved for mountainous-heels fans, millions of women desired them badly. Those shoes were designed to amaze average people’s heads and bring an atmosphere of creativity and freedom through that unique piece of Art. Are you the one that fell in love with them?

McQueen’s slipper collection is also one to be admired. Pearl and gold thread embroidered suede slippers with leather piping. McQueen elegantly fascinates and thrills us shoppers into needing, and not wanting to own a pair of delightfully wonderful McQueen shoes. 

Alexander’s ideas and designs instead of all fashion designers clothes were undeniably made with surrealistic imagination that has let begun his enormous career.

McQueen’s fashion house is directed now by Sarah Burton who has been his best friend since ever. Awarded designer keeps continuing his amazing work by creating breathetaking higher-end contemporary lines every season.

Even if you’re not a big fan of Alexander McQueen’s designs, we truly encourage you to take a journey onto his Artistic Vision of Fashion.

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