Everybody’s making the ‘best-red-carper-gowns-ever’ ranking, so there’s no point of offering you another one, but we thought there should be at least an accent of Oscars Gala on it’s way so close! Which is why we present you 17 gowns/just dresses from movies, to embrace both fashion and film industry. Enjoy!

17. Some like it hot, Marylin Monroe – you probably expected that. But it was a really stunning gown, wasn’t it?


16. Atonement, Keira Knightley. A prove that no matter how long the dress is, you can still have some intense moments in the library…


15. Just covering the classics, the more groundbreaking part will come later… 🙂 Marlene Dietrich, To Catch a Thief.


14. Julia Robert’s metamorphosis, from a girls from the street (to put it nicely) to a beautiful lady. A Pretty Women, you could say.


13. Amy Adam’s big come up as a charming princess in Enchanted! Those dresses were so pretty



12. You probably thought we were going to show you the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn’s dress. That’s only half true – I couldn’t avoid Audrey Hepburn, she’s just too sweet, but I thought much more brilliant gown I saw in Sabrina:


11. My love for Wes Anderson has been repeatedly emphasized in my writings – and I’m not even doing that on purpose… Kara Hayward in Moonrise Kingdom!


10. Mary, Queen of Scots was not the best movie I’ve ever seen in my life (it’s rather the “why did this happen?” category), but there is one reason I’ve watched the entire thing during the movie festival – I wanted to know who was responsible for costumes. it was Rudolf Jost and I remember it to this day! (Which is, well, 4 months, but still).


9. The Wizard of Oz – I think all the little girls were in love with that one… Billie Burke, you’re SO pink!


8. Inglourious Basterd get to have two picks from me – Diane Kruger’s black gown will little crystals on sides, and a simple red dress with a delicate peplum that Melanie Laurent wore for the “big night”. Both are just stunning!



7. Best Bond girl ever? Eva Green, no discussions! How is it possible I couldn’t get a proper shot of any of her strikingly beautiful dresses? Well, I guess you’ll just have to watch the entire movie for a better image… 🙂


6. A movie directed by a fashion designer was kind of a sure thing on this list. Tom Ford’s Single Man and painfully stylish Julianne Moore – what is there to say?


5. Diane Kruger once, Diane Kruger twice. In secondary school Abigail from National Treasure was my personal hero – dangerously intelligent and impossibly elegant – I was always aiming to meet the highest standards!


4. Yes. Yes, number four is a cartoon dress. Why? Because it’s the one I always wanted to materialise in front of me as a little girl! Didn’t you?…


3. Chicago. Just because it’s Chicago, and just because it’s Catherine Zeta Jones.


2. Angelina Jolie in Tourist – I remember watching that film in an awe, because she looked the most chic and classy… The film itself and the a bit unclear Johnny Depp plot didn’t matter, because she looked so good.


1. An actress that automatically puts a smile to your face once you look at her – Reese Witherspoon. Walk the Line is the movie she won an Oscar for deservedly. And her costums were really thorough and diversified, I loved all of them!