Born in lockdown, the London-based sustainable and unisex jewellery brand, Capsule Eleven, was launched in 2020 by designer and founder Natalie Benmayor to equally combine and explore the balance between spirituality, functionality, and wellness.

Benmayor valued her family history and cultural background which both carry an evocative story about her Jewish parents fleeing to London from Egypt with nothing but their refined jewelry. The family pieces were eventually preserved in a vault before their rediscovery which inspired not only the first capsule but also the brand’s name.

Capsule Eleven encloses heritage, history, and refined designs which embed a spiritual futuristic ethos. Leading and best representing the image of the brand, the Eye Opener collection is inspired by ancient symbology. The main symbol is the third eye which known as the sixth chakra, which helps you to make clear decisions to reach your true purpose in life.

The modular design of the Eye Opener Earrings allows you to wear them in 3 different ways. Clip off the eye and wear the top hoops alone for chic, minimal styling. Eye clips and top hoops combined to make a strong statement pair, or for full impact clip both together for a bold, singular long earring. The inside of this earring is engraved with the Egyptian symbol for “was”, in the shape of the staff carried by the Pharaohs, which represents personal power and domination.

Very close to the brand’s values, Benmayor amplifies through her designs the significance of gender versatility along with sustainability which is firmly at the heart of the brand with all the brass and sterling silver made from recycled metals, the packaging made from recycled card.

I think being gender-inclusive and sustainable is a necessary brand attitude now. Therefore, brands that are elitist and harmful to the environment are not going to survive.

Natalie Benmayor – Founder and Designer of Capsule Eleven
Natalie Benmayor – Founder and Designer of Capsule Eleven

Many of the pieces physically open to potentially store wellness items such as crystals, CBD oil and aromatherapy oil. Eye catching is the The Capsule Crystal Pendant which opens up so that crystals can be interchanged depending on what energy or healing its wearer seeks. This historical amulet is given modern functionality using the healing properties of semi-precious stones and ancient symbols top create luxury pieces that go beyond aesthetic value. Each stone is cut to fit the piece, so is totally unique. In addition, the inner and outer symbols and the bold, striking nature of the piece are intended to give its wearer warrior-like strength.

Another symbolic feature of Capsule Eleven resides in ancient numerology bringing to the customer the evocative and meaningful number eleven which in antiquity, is a high vibrational number that symbolizes energy, inspiration and vision, themes at the core of the brands values. The numbers 11:11 which also inspired the brand’s name,  have a very special frequency and spiritual significance, and often appear as a sign of a deeper message from the universe for those who see it. This numeral can be a sign that your thoughts are manifesting, which makes it the perfect moment to make a wish. 

In addition to the online planform and shop at the brand has exclusively secured distribution by global luxury platform farfetch upon launch.

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