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Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the fashion industry has been feeling the pressure to impose their own sanctions on the country in a stand against the war. 

In a rare series of events in the world of fashion, both luxury and fast fashion brands seem to agree on something and have ceased all sales in Russia. Hermès was the first to close all stores and cease trading. Thereafter joined by the likes of LMVH, Chanel, Richemont, Kering and so on. High street fashion brands including ASOS, H&M and the Boohoo group have also closed their Russian websites and suspended all sales. 

Credit: LaPresse via Zuma Press

Although closing stores may seem like the bare minimum in fighting a war, it’s in fact a very important strategy in changing the societal structure of Russia and further enabling an end to the war through systemic reshaping. 

If life begins to change in Russia as the world’s backlash towards Putin’s invasion starts taking effect, the more likely citizens are to question the system they live under, if they aren’t already doing so. 

Credit: LaPresse via Zuma Press

It’s thought that as the Russian market collapses, the second-hand luxury goods market will see a large influx of revenue, as the appearance of new products comes to a halt. 

There are many ways we as individuals can support Ukraine in its time of crisis, please see the link below of resources compiled by Ukrainians on how we outside of the conflict can help:


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