#Bloggers Susie Bubble and her style

Susie Bubble is one of the most influential style-bloggers of our time. Having begun her blog, the style bubble back in March 2006, she has grown from strength to strength due to her passion for print and quirky pieces. She still has her 15,000 daily readers coming back to see her latest outfit posts and news on what’s happening in the current fashion world from Paris to London, with three blog posts every day. Versatile as she is, she stays true to her own personal style having admitted she’s still frightened of bright colour, with follower feedback requests after posts. Engaging with her audience makes for a more appealing and interactive read, with her readers voicing their own opinion in her comment box on the blog.

Her blog layout is also most appealing for the user with clear tabs and all her personal social media icons linked on the website so that style bubble’s followers can simply click on the icon and follow the brains behind the blog. Style Bubble features a lot of imagery with quick-witted engaging posts, detailing the ins and outs of Susie’s daily fashion going’s on; she is accessible and relatable to her audience with day trips to the most current exhibitions and nights out with fellow blog pals, inspiring all of us as she goes. Her blog also allows her followers to go to all the latest fashion shows from the comfort of their own sofa with videos from the latest catwalk shows, most currently featuring Proenza Schouler from Paris Fashion Week.

This fashion maven’s style has the colourful impressions of Anna Dello Russo with a dash of Paloma Faith. Having ranked 107,488 globally on Alexa ranking (A site which allows you to see how many people have viewed a particular site) it is clear she is a nonstop growing fashion force; with her currently on the jury for the international fashion showcase a new concept which finds up and coming designers and showcases new designers. It is clear her voice is heard in the fashion industry, though she is modest and claims she still feels like an imposer. Her relatable approach towards her readers with candid posts and funny anecdotes make her a witty and honest fashion inspiration to millions of people around the world, most of her readers being from the U.S. It is said that a mention from Susie Bubble can make a new designer’s career, with her penchant for discovering new talent and featuring them on her blog this most recent partnership comes as no surprise.

Hiding behind her blunt black fringe, Susie Bubble is quite literally in her own bubble when it comes to knowing her status. She still sees herself as a fashion outsider, batting away any comments about her icon-status. Honest posts about all her returns epitomises her down-to-earth nature and laid back approach to her blog, in keeping with her personable character and identifying with the reader. Once editing for dazedandconfused digital she is now focussing on her current projects and blog, which you can read at stylebubble.co.uk.


Pictures from stylebubble.co.uk