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Sometimes sustainability isn’t an option. For those of us who have a limited budget, fast fashion brands offer cheap clothes in all shapes and styles. Despite the fact that these brands churn out unnecessary amounts of items, that follow the very quickly changing trends, they also enable people to dress how they like without spending too much money. But if you’re aware of the environmental impacts of said brands, you might be wondering how, or even if, it’s possible to consume from them more ethically on your end. 

Let’s outline some easy methods that will hopefully help us all to shop more morally and help others, and the environment while we do it.

  1. Buy basics 

 Not all of us have the privilege of buying luxury basics, although fast fashion may not provide quality items that last for years and years, you can certainly invest in basic items from them and create a cheap, timeless capsule wardrobe. The great thing about basics is they’re never going to go out of fashion. This means no more buying into ephemeral trends that pass overnight and saving our money. 

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Credit: www.prettylittlething.com

2. Buying from new, more ethical fast fashion brands 

Since sustainability discourse is gaining more and more traction, more sustainable fast fashion brands have arisen on the scene. Still offering trendy, low cost, and quick delivery items, these brands, although still not on the same level as luxury, will allow you to buy quickly and cheaply without feeling too guilty. I’d recommend the brands Reformation and NA-KD.

NA-KD Sustainability Commitments | na-kd.com
Credit: www.na-kd.com

3. Donate clothes you no longer want 

Fast fashion is often thought of as disposable. According to Forbes, “½ of fast fashion items are disposed of within one year of purchase”, the environmental impact of this is more than that of air and sea travel combined. Instead of throwing away our clothes once a trend has passed or we’re bored of them, they can be donated for others to buy. This again helps both others and the environment! Another great benefit of donating is the chance to find great clothes yourself. Whether it’s second-hand fast fashion garments, or even luxury, there are endless chances for amazing finds at discounted prices!

History of Thrift Stores | Time
Credit: Time Magazine

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