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After almost 12 months of worldwide travel restrictions due to the pandemic, everyone is looking forward to their first actual holiday just to get away from it all. The stresses of being kept indoors or within a small area have made many people feel very isolated, lonely, and depressed. 

We are all looking forward to a bit of normality, and for many, the first significant step to having that normality back is a family holiday for all to enjoy. Luckily, once travel restrictions are lifted, the destination choices are endless

Images: Sarah Babah

So, where do you choose?

Do you stay within the US and maybe fly to Florida’s sunshine state or visit beautiful Hawaii, or do you go to a romantic destination in Europe like Paris, Rome, or Venice? Or, perhaps an exotic holiday like the Maldives or Thailand is more your thing? 

There are so many places and types of holiday to choose from, and with the world slowly coming back into being normalized, everywhere will soon be in reach.

Budgeting the cost

One of the main deciding factors in booking a dream holiday is down to the cost and if you aren’t lucky enough to have the money in your bank account, then being able to budget is a good way forward. Personal loans provide a fixed monthly payment and a set payoff schedule.

Travel Insurance

When traveling, make sure to look into travel insurance and check that you will be covered should any flights or hotels be canceled or closed due to another outbreak or similar, or should companies fold before the date of your holiday. With this in mind, check what procedure is in place should you find yourself stranded at your holiday destination. 

Other things to look out for

Be prepared for any isolation periods within the hotel your staying in. Make sure that you are fully prepared to meet all regulations in the country you are visiting. When visiting tourist locations, choose destinations where you can stay within close proximity to your hotel.

Also, it may well be worth checking on your insurance and your holiday details what would happen should you fall sick while abroad and whether or not you would be compensated for this.

Prolonging your holiday feeling

The one thing that everybody has in common is nobody wants their holiday to come to an end. One of the ways in which you can make it seem a little longer is to give your home a good and thoroughly clean throughout before you go, making sure fresh bedding is on the beds, a sparkling kitchen, and clean hand towels are in a spotless bathroom gives the heart a lift when settling back home after a long journey or flight. It seems to keep the drudgery of everyday life at bay.

Final thoughts

 We are all looking for our bit of paradise, probably more now than ever before. A dream holiday could be that one glimpse we are looking for to lift our spirits and put the last year behind us. 

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