Fashion week season is by far most-talked about time from all sectors of the industry. From Bloggers to Buyers, it’s what makes fashion fast-paced and exciting.

If you’re lucky enough to attend or follow fashion week and is an upcoming blogger, or want to create more traffic your blog overall, then we have the go-to-guide to making the most of your visit, from our very own Press team here at MESS.


Jamie Wei Huang AW15 – London Fashion Week

1. Plan what you WANT your readers to read over the season!

Theres alot of topics to focus on at fashion week. From street style, to accessories on the catwalk, pick an interest and work around it. If your blogging for your audience, I’m sure they’ll will be wanting to know the latest trends for the next season. Picking an topic area will allow you to go indepth into the trends, benefiting your blog with huge amount of description and detail.


2. Schedule shows the the LIVE streams

You want to be on the ball, and scheduling the shows into a diary always works. You want your blog to have the latest news  and keep up the pace with other Bloggers and Press. Live stream is available for all major designers, which are easy to find via their social media’s.



London Fashion Week AW15

3. Get networking!

If you are lucky enough to pop down for fashion week, GET NETWORKING! There are hundreds of Bloggers and Photographers wanting to network and create connections in the industry. Best way to come about it? Business cards and being approachable. Don’t be afraid to take a picture of someone because of there outfit and stopping for a chat, you never know who they could be!


4. Organise a archive

Trends come about every so often. If you want to keep up to date, or feel inspired by what you see, KEEP AN ARCHIVE. Best websites to use for this is Pinterest.



Street Style @ London Fashion Week

5. See it, SNAP IT.

This is all down to street style and small details. You see something a bit crazy, snap it. This means online and on the street, you never know where that trend can lead to and is always an exciting read for your blog.


6. Most of all, enjoy it. It only happens twice a year!

Fashion Week is exciting,  even if you’re there or keeping up online. Make you plan ahead and make the most out of it, It’s the ULITMATE hotspot for upcoming talent!



Words & Photographs by Charlotte Pratt 


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